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Reflections on the Crossfit Open and Becoming a Big Girl

Well hello! So here we are, finished with 3 weeks of the crossfit open. Last time we talked I was just getting ready for the first week. So here’s my thoughts on the open so far.
1) The open workouts are tough, probably more mentally than physically in a lot of ways
2) Cardio….The first two open workouts were very cardiovascular based and as I have been getting stronger I have also sadly been getting a it slower…
3) I still have so much work to do if I want to be one of the best, and I’m not fully sure that’s even what I want anymore
4) It’s definitely been a good learning experience but I’m kind of ready for it to be over…5 weeks is a long time to be in competition mode and I’m ready for some calm and stress free workouts!
So that’s kind of where I’m at with the open right now. Overall I’m doing okay, I’m 132 out of 5,239 in my region and in the world I’m 1,536 out of 65,893. So putting that into perspective I’m in the top 3% for my region and the top 2% in the world. So that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately to make it to regionals I want* to be top 43, or in the top .8 % so I’m not there yet!

On a positive note I got the chance to go up to Chicago and visit my good friend and training partner Paige, who’s going to law school there. Her Crossfit gym does a fun mock competition on Fridays during the open and she invited me to come participate. It was so much fun!!



I took the train to the city, and it was actually my first time riding a train, can you believe it?

I also ended up taking a taxi for the first time, so basically I became a “big girl” on this trip! We also walked to all the places we went in the city and that was a nice change of pace from my usual driving everywhere back home. It made me realize I may like living in a big city after all!

Not to mention this is a pretty nice view to wake up to!
When we were walking back from the gym, we came across this bar and I just had to get a picture!!

What do ya know, a bar just for me! Somehow we didn’t get ANY pictures of the two of us from this trip, which is a major fail. However, I had an awesome time and it was definitely a nice change of pace and a nice mini trip to finish off my spring break!

Now it’s back to the normal grind of work, teaching and studying!

Some serious grading going down there! I also had a second phone interview with a job I really like, so I’m hoping it went well and I hear back with good news soon! If not,I guess I’ll just keep applying and I know eventually something’s going to work out! Gotta stay positive!
I am happy to report I’ve managed to keep my eating pretty healthy during all this chaos, which is really important, even more so when your under a lot of stress!

I’m also happy to say running will be making a re-appearance in my life now that the weather is finally getting nicer! I can’t wait to get out there and pound out some good miles! I also think I’m going to try to run the U of I half marathon towards the end of April as my first race of the season. I won’t have a lot of time to train though so we’ll see how I’m feeling!

Hope you guys are having a great week!

Tell me about your first train ride! How old were you? Where were you going?


Things I’m loving right now

Here’s some things I’m loving lately…



These shoes- Asics Gel Nimbus, I really like the feel and ride of these babies, but don’t worry, my glycerin’s are still my true love, these are just a nice back up 🙂


This Chicken and Rice soup I made. Soooo good, especially in this cold, icky weather! You can find the recipe here.



This adorable little kitty of mine 🙂 She’s such a cutie and a GREAT cuddler!!


Yep, I’m still on my salad kick!! But don’t worry, I make sure to balance out all those healthy greens with some not so healthy sweets…now that’s what I call a healthy balance 🙂


This magazine came in the mail yesterday, and man do they have A LOT of cute stuff for winter! I found so many things to put on my wish list 🙂 If I could wear workout clothes 24/7 I would, but at least they have some “regular” clothes that are soo cute but just as comfy as workout clothes, so it’s a win/win!


Last but not least I am SUPER excited to go see the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie tonight with my hubby!!!! I LOVE this book series and really enjoyed the first movie, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!!

Speaking of which, it’s about time for a romantic dinner with the hubs before the movie, so I better go get ready!! 🙂


Questions for you:

What are you loving right now?

What’s on your wish list/christmas list?

For me it’s mostly workout/running related stuff…cause that’s pretty much my life lol But I would also love a new crockpot that is programmable…and I would never turn down a vitamix if anyone decided to get me one! haha

What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?

Lululemon, which makes my wallet sad lol But I’m really liking the latest Athleta stuff!!




It’s starting to grow on me

I got to start my day off in the best way possible today! A nice run outside with my hubby!! It’s pretty rare to have his company on a run so I was really excited! I have to say for being someone who HATES the cold, these cold weather runs are starting to grow on me! It does help that I have the right gear to keep me from freezing, and I enjoy the calming clarity the cold air gives me.


After our easy 2 mile run we decided to do some yoga, which was pretty comical. Neither of us is very graceful so you can imagine how well it went. It was nice to get some stretching in though!

After the yoga I whipped us up a nice, healthy batch of protein pancakes! I love these because not only are they tasty, they are really healthy and deliver over 40 grams of protein per serving!! They are also ridiculously easy to make!

Protein Pancakes:

Mix together the following ingredients in a bowl: (Makes one giant pancake or two smaller ones)

-1 egg

-1/2 cup egg whites

-1 cap full vanilla

-4 drops liquid stevia or other sweetener 

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 scoop vanilla whey protein

-1/4 cup oat flour 

*Cook in a skillet on medium until the top of the pancake starts bubbling, then flip and cook the other side for a few minutes! I like to spread some PB2 and honey on top and devour!!! Yum 🙂 



Sorry, not the best picture, but I forgot to take one after I’d added my delicious toppings, I was really hungry and ate it too quickly to document 🙂

I also received something exciting in the mail today!!!!



My road ID!!!! I am sooo excited, isn’t is awesome?! So there’s a lot of different options as far as what you can put on your ID. I chose my name, birthdate, then put my husband chris as my emergency contact. I also included my allergy to amoxicillin, my blood type and the fact that I’m a donor. Then on the last line I just put my favorite running mantra that stems from a song my mom introduced me to that I really like! The plate can be put on different bands, so I bought a couple other colors to switch it out with just for fun! So far I really like it and I’m excited to have it!

In case you guys were wondering, I’m still doing well with my “eat a salad every day for lunch” plan. I thought I’d get sick of them but so far I’m loving it!! And it’s the best way I’ve found to get in loads of veggies!!




Speaking of healthy eating, I was going to post my meal plan for you guys but I did it in an excel spreadsheet and I am soo not tech savvy and therefore have no idea how to put it on here for you guys to see, since the only option I have it to upload a picture file, which it is not… But I’ll figure it out I promise (or end up just typing it on here if I have to).

Questions for you guys:

Do you like running outside in the cold? Or do you take to the treadmill during the winter months?

This is my first winter trying to do almost all my runs outside, but so far I love it!!

What do you do for safety during a run?

I used to carry my phone but now I hate having a lot of bulk and don’t use it for GPS anymore so I didn’t really have anything, which is why I got the road ID!!

What’s your favorite pancake topping?

Mine is strawberries and honey!!



What I’m loving right now

Yeah…I’ve been gone awhile, NO I don’t want to talk about it! I’ve got a million excuses for you, I’ve started grad school, i’m teaching undergraduate classes, I have a bajillion clients at the gym…blah blah blah. The point is, I’m sorry, Ill try to do better next time, and I love you all!!

Speaking of love…here’s some things I’m LOVING right now:

This super cute and simple hairstyle that I can do with my hair wet, yet looks like it took time and effort! (It didn’t!!!) This has been a lifesaver lately since I barely have time to shower let alone actually take the time to blow dry/straighten/put forth effort towards my hair!!

This make up remover is awesome! They are little pads, and they are so easy and convenient I can’t believe I’ve lived without them for so long!! (Thanks Mom, for suggesting these!!)

My sweet little teacup yorkie, Leia. She is always such a good little cuddle buddy and keeps me company when the hubs is away!

Ok…I KNOW this isn’t the ideal health drink…and normally I scold my clients for drinking this stuff, BUT given my BEYOND INSANE schedule lately, I’ll take whatever I can get to keep goin! Plus I love this one because it’s a mix of lemonade and tea and tastes soo good! 🙂

I am crazy into organizing lately, especially my fridge/cupboards and I found this beauty at walmart for…wait for it…$5!!! Talk about rollin back those prices baby! There are, count them, 7 different containers!! And they are very useful! I’ve used them for making GINORMOUS salads in to take to school or to store my fruit, veggies, nuts, etc. Plus BONUS: They are rainbow colored!!!

You can’t tell but that is a ridiculously HUGE tub of salad! I love making salads but the bagged lettuce goes bad so quickly! I was looking at the blog Undressed Skeleton and I saw she suggested putting all your lettuce into a tupperware container to keep it fresh longer! Love it!

Being a Grad student/Graduate Teaching Assistant. I love every bit of it! I love teaching my undergrad classes, those kids are awesome! I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with them and look forward to every class(The downside of this revelation is a PhD may be in my future….how does Dr. Cabrera the Professor sound?) I also am LOVING my grad classes! Everything I am learning is so interesting and I am so excited to continue to learn more about my passion!

* I am also LOVING teaching my cycling class to the students at ISU and you will be seeing some cycling workouts posted on here soon!!

My blisters from lifting at Crossfit! No judgement people! It’s not weird to love getting blisters….er….well regardless I love it because it means I’m working hard and getting STRONG! I am also LOVING everything about crossfit, well except my sore shoulders(although I kind of like being sore cause it means I’m working hard!) and my mediocre clean(olympic lift), but I’m working on it!! 🙂 I love love love the people and atmosphere at crossfit and am very happy with the strength gains I’ve made and the skills I’ve learned! I must love it if I’m willing to get up at 4:40 am for it!

Cinnamon cream cheese…and it’s only 45 calories a wedge?! If you haven’t tried this stuff….what is your problem?!! Go try some right now! Then thank me later…

Things I’m not loving:

This movie:

The hubby and I went to see it for date night…I don’t even have words for how bad it was. But in my defense it had Kristen Bell in it who I love so I figured it would be good….oops….BUT on the upside we used a gift card so we didn’t really lose any money AND we got to hold hands and snuggle 🙂

Hmm…I can’t think of anything else for this list, which is good I guess! I’m sure there are other things annoying me right now, I’ll just have to let you know later! 🙂

Alright well this tired girl is off to bed to rest up for another jam packed day tomorrow!

Questions for you:

-What are you loving right now?

-Have you seen any good or really awful movies lately?

-What do you turn to when you are in major need of energy?

Frustration with food

So let’s talk about something I have been struggling with REALLY badly for the last few days, or maybe even weeks…?

FOOD…it is killing me. I don’t know what my problem is but lately my self-control is non-existent. I have been craving sweets like nobody’s business and I have a DISDAIN for any kind of vegetable (seriously, the sight of a salad makes me want to barf)…WHAT IS GOING ON?!

*I was going to post a bunch of pictures of food that I’ve been craving, but decided that would be counter-productive given the fact that I’m trying to get away from the stuff!

While I don’t share everything with you guys, I try hard to keep it real and let you guys know what’s going on in my life because I think you can relate and it’s nice to know others struggle with the same stuff you do. So this is my struggle right now.

It’s especially hard for me because I normally have good self-control and am able to easily turn down food I know isn’t beneficial to my body or performance. But lately….it’s just been such a STRUGGLE. The worst part is every time I give into one of my cravings I am so mad at myself later because I know I should have been strong and resisted. I know the junk I end up eating is in NO WAY going to fuel my body or make me feel good. Not to mention I have one of those bodies that is very sensitive to unhealthy eating and I get bloated and gain weight VERY quickly when I eat bad.

No joke-I can easily gain 5 pounds in a week if I start slipping on my eating. That’s just how my body is! So it’s really important that I keep myself in check! More importantly, when I eat crappy I start to feel crappy, both physically and emotionally. Physically my workouts suffer and I don’t have the energy I should. Emotionally I start to get down on myself and my appearance, which is not cool!

So….what’s the point of this post? I’m not really sure, I think I’m just sort of venting and sharing my frustrations with you guys because I want you to know I go through this stuff too!!! As a trainer and fitness educator I always strive to be the example and live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy!! The important thing to remember is that we’re all human and we all make mistakes! What matters is that when we fall, we get back up and keep on going!

That’s why my plan from here on out is to start fresh and just do my best to stay on track! I am going to back off of the paleo for now because it seems like when I jump right into something and restrict lots of things, I end up freaking out and craving everything I can’t have! So I think I’m going to go back to a clean eating approach: lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, healthy fats and good carbs! I’m going to AVOID-junk food, take out, processed crap, etc and try my best to eat wholesome foods that I know will do my body good! I’m going to try to get back to eating 5-6 small meals a day because I know my body does better with that schedule and it helps speed up my metabolism. I’m going to be open to the fact that sometimes I will slip up, but do my best to keep that to a minimum and stick to my healthy eating as much as possible!

I’m going to attack cravings by simply listening to what my body really needs. Craving sugar? Eat some fruit! Craving something savory or salty? Have some peanut butter/nuts or some eggs with veggies…and so on! I know if I set my mind to it I can do this and get my body and mind back to where they need to be! I hope if you are struggling with this right now you will get on board with me and we can do it together!

Sorry this post wasn’t as exciting as my normal posts! Later this week I will recap you on my awesome week spent with my ADORABLE little nephew and both my sisters and brother-in-law! Fun times!!

Questions for you:

-What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

Ice cream of course! And lately burgers…which is weird…

-Do you believe in “dieting”? Are you a calorie counter?

I think dieting is terrible and it never works long term. You need to create a lifestyle change you can actually stick with, which is what I’m striving to do! I also HATE counting calories, but I know it works for some people and that’s great! I prefer to just eat healthy and watch my portions

-How do you keep yourself on track when it comes to healthy eating?


Running in quicksand and CPR manikins are creepy

Just in case you were wondering (and you probably weren’t) getting certified as a CPR instructor is not as boring as it sounds! I went into this whole thing thinking it was going to be a REALLY long 3 days of having boring CPR/First Aid information drilled into my head until I wanted to pull my hair out. In actuality, it was kind of fun and interactive. It was nice to touch up on my current CPR skills as well as delve deeper into first aid and other CPR information I didn’t know. Plus we spent a lot of time practicing the art of actually teaching the class to others, which was really good because I am a bit nervous about teaching this stuff to 28 students!

So this is my slightly creepy CPR manikin before I assembled him!


Here he is fully assembled! That weird bag sticking out of his mouth is his “lung”. When you blow into it his chest will rise. Pretty cool huh? Ok maybe not as exciting to the rest of you….I guess I’m kind of a CPR nerd now!!

Guess what finally came in the mail?!


My new Polar FT4!!! Isn’t the pink gorgeous?! LOVE! So I was very excited to finally get my new toy and OF COURSE I had to try it out! I wore it during one of my crossfit WODs the other day. The time included our warm up, stretching, etc and the actual WOD was only like 15 minutes, so burning 445 calories was pretty stinkin good! I’ve also worn this beauty for some of my treadmill runs and I have definitely noticed a difference in what my watch says vs. what the machine says for calories burned. Bad news peeps, the treadmill has overestimated by calories EVERYTIME, sometimes by over 100 calories! So keep that in mind next time you are working out on a machine!

So far I am very happy with my new Polar watch and I would highly recommend it!

In other news, I still can’t cook….


I tried to make these salmon patties, but I ended up burning the outside and the inside was still super mushy…FAIL

SO since I didn’t feel like attempting another cooking failure mom and I decided to have a food adventure and go to a “towny” restaurant (that’s actually not located in our town, it’s in a small town like 15 minutes from us) but that’s semantics…anyway we’ve heard lots of great things about this place and always wanted to try it so….we did!

Here’s their menu, it’s actually pretty simple and mostly made up of “bar” food, but supposedly they have amazing hamburgers, so of course I HAD to try it!


Let me tell you, this burger was AWESOME! I was originally going to eat this without the bun, you know since it’s A) got gluten in it and B) not paleo…but I decided I’d been really good the past few days and deserved a little bit of a break. I decided the possible stomach ache would be worth it, and let me tell you, it SO was!!

Of course no burger dinner would be complete without some ice cream for dessert….


I love when they give me eyes 🙂 Is it strange that I think it’s cute when my ice cream looks at me while I eat it? hmm….

So onto catching you up on my workouts from the past few days:

I have been faithfully attending crossfit every day and I am LOVING it! Today I was able to do the WOD that the rest of the group did instead of a baby beginner WOD and it was AWESOME!!! 🙂 I am just loving the workouts, the challenge and feeling of being pushed to my limits, plus the atmosphere is one of a kind! Everyone is so encouraging and nice, and the coaches are always giving you attention to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. Pretty sweet!

I’m sure you are wondering, what about her running? Don’t worry folks, I am still keeping up with my half marathon training. I will say this week has been a bit tougher than I anticipated…I knew doing the crossfit would wear me out a little bit but I didn’t realize how much it would affect my running! Yesterday I did an easy 2 mile recovery run, but the kicker is it wasn’t that easy! I mean it was only 2 miles for crying out loud and at a 9:30 pace! But the first mile I felt like I was running in quick sand and it was HARD. It started to get better by the second mile but since I was only running 2 miles, that means I spent half my run STRUGGLING! But, it’s okay, mama said they’ll be days like this right? Today was a 5 mile pace run and it was a bit better, but still harder than it should be! I warmed up at a 9 min/mile pace and then ran the middle 3 miles at an 8, 8:15 and 8:30 min/mile pace. All 3 of these miles were supposed to be at an 8 min/mile pace, but I just couldn’t push through it 😦 While I was a bit disappointed in myself initially, I thought about how hard I’ve been working this week incorporating this new training of crossfit and realized I’m doing pretty well overall!  I warmed down at a 9:30 min/mile pace and called it a day!


There’s nothing like a nice sweaty run to finish your day!!

Time to get to bed, I’ve got a WOD bright and early tomorrow morning!


Questions for you:

Have you ever taken a CPR class? What did you think of it?

Does anybody else have a polar watch? If so, which one?

Anyone else have any cooking failures they want to share? (Please, it will make me feel better!)





I ate 20 meatballs and danced the night away

What a weekend! Where to begin…? Well on Saturday morning I did my cross fit baseline! It went really well, and now I can’t lift my arms above my head….crossfit problems 🙂

Here I am after my baseline WOD, thoroughly sweaty and feeling good! So the first day they went over the correct form for the different exercises we would be doing and made sure we knew how to do everything and then we were given a list of things to do and we were supposed to do them as fast as possible while keeping good form. They were all bodyweight exercises plus some sprinting, but man was I wiped when I was done! I was able to complete everything in 4 minutes and 34 seconds! Since I was able to do it in under 5 minutes, I was given the option to do the whole thing again, so what did I do? I did it again of course! I ended up getting the EXACT same score, which bummed me out a little bit because I really wanted to beat it but I got a little caught up on the pull ups with a band because my foot came out of the band and I lost my momentum, so I think I would’ve beaten my time if it weren’t for that!

After crossfit I came home and had my post-workout sweet potato like a good girl!


So after my intense morning workout it was time for the WEDDING! It ended up being a really BEAUTIFUL ceremony and the reception was really nice!

Look at that cute couple!!

Yes this is a picture of me with a meatball….it’s important to note that I ate 20 of these bad boys….and yes I know that’s crazy but the waiter bet that I couldn’t and you know how competitive I can get…

There’s all my empty meatball sticks! Now these were some GOOD meatballs, but later in the night when I could barely eat my dinner…

or the awesome CAKE, I was regretting this decision just a little bit 😉

My partner in crime for life, Stacy!!! She was my maid of honor at my wedding and we grew up living next door to each other. The bride also lived across the street from us! You gotta love childhood friends, there’s nothing like it!

I just love slow dancing with my hubby 🙂 So romantic!

Aren’t we cool? We definitely got our dance on, and MAN were my feet SORE the next day! I am getting old….HAHA

Overall it was a beautiful ceremony and a really nice reception. The bride and groom are two amazing people who are going to have such a wonderful life together and I couldn’t be happier for them! It was really nice to get to see old friends and party it up!

To catch you up on the rest of the weekend, Sunday I slept in a little bit, I was a bit wiped from all that dancing 😉 and then I was supposed to do my 8 mile run. I ended up only doing 6 because I felt my knee starting to bother me a little and I didn’t want to push it. I wasn’t too upset about it though since I’m still just getting back into the swing of things, and I know it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This morning I went to my second day of crossfit at 5:15 AM! Yeah…that’s pretty early I know but I like the idea of getting it out of the way and having the rest of my day! Plus I have to teach a strong class later today and I wanted to have some time in-between the two. I did a pretty basic WOD (Workout Of the Day) today, but it still managed to KICK MY BUTT! I was seriously on the floor gasping for air when I was done! Even though the competitive side of me wanted to jump right in and do what everyone else was doing, I appreciate that they want to make sure I really have my form down before they let me do the more advanced moves.

It just makes me that much more excited to learn all the different olympic lifts and other things so I can work out with the group! The nice thing was even though I was doing a different workout the other people were still cheering me on and one of the coaches pretty much spent all his time with me making sure I was doing everything correctly and really pushing me to give it my all. It was awesome!! Everyone was so nice and helpful and I am so excited to go back tomorrow morning! 🙂 Hopefully I can get some pics for you all then!

Well that’s it for my weekend! How was everyone else’s weekend? Anything exciting happen?

I’ve got a long next few days, as I am attending a 3 day CPR/First Aid Training class so I can teach it at ISU for part of my Graduate Assistantship. I am going to know more about CPR/First Aid than I ever thought I could know…but at least I’m ready to go in an emergency situation! 🙂

Questions for you:

-What did you do this weekend?

-What’s your favorite part of weddings?

I love to dress up and dance, plus the foods pretty awesome!

-Chicken or beef?

I always pick chicken, it seems like the safer choice!