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May the WODS be ever in your favor

You know what I don’t love? Mondays… I mean there’s really nothing great about them. They just signal the start of another week, and Friday seems so far away. Plus they tend to remind me of all the things I need to get done, but don’t really want to do. Mostly because I’d rather be watching Netflix, or reading blogs about crossfit. Or food. Or more crossfit. But the whole time I’m feeling guilty about how I should be studying. Or applying for big girl jobs. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to finally finish school and get a “real” job, I just don’t like the process. Applications are dumb. And tedious. Like why do you need to know my boss’s aunt’s sister’s name and how I plan to accomplish world peace. Okay, so maybe they don’t ask things quite that crazy, but they do ask A LOT of questions, some that I don’t understand the purpose of. Then there’s the cover letters. Don’t even get me started on those.


^^ Exactly how I was feeling yesterday….

So as you know I had a crossfit competition last weekend. It’s still kind of a sore subject so I don’t want to say much about it, but basically I didn’t get to finish the competition because I passed out after the second WOD, due to the Advocare Cleanse I was on….APPARENTLY it’s not a very good idea to go on a cleanse before a competition. It will cause your electrolytes and blood sugar to plummet and you will pass out. Hard. I’m mostly annoyed with myself because I should have known better. But I didn’t really think about it. Long story short I’m off the cleanse at least until after the open. Gotta get my priorities straight and right now training is #1. On the upside, I did get a 145lb snatch and tied for first on the snatch ladder WOD. That was also a PR, until I got 150 lb the next week!
This was also a big deal for me because up until this competition I could never get myself to squat snatch during the actual competition, my body would just refuse. But during this comp it finally clicked and it was awesome 🙂

In other news, Today is WEEK 1 of the CROSSFIT OPEN people!

The first workout will be released at 5pm on Thursday evening. Get excited. Or if your me, get super nervous and feel like puking….This is my first open, since last year I injured my back before the open and couldn’t participate, so I’m a huge ball of nerves. Mostly I’m nervous about making sure I video my workouts correctly and all that jazz so I can submit them for regionals. Now obviously, I have to do well enough to make it, but I want to be prepared for if that happens, so I have to make sure all my workouts are video taped and all the standards are met, blah blah blah. I’m also worried I will either just be terrible and everyone will beat me, or I will fall short of making it to regionals by just a few spots. Ugh. I need to stop thinking these negative things. Positive thoughts only people! Either way, for the next five weeks this will be my life.


I will keep you updated on my progress! Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer for my sanity…