Don’t go chasing snot waterfalls

Today’s workout: 3 miles @ 8:35 pace on some country roads; 15 minute strength circuit

I learned a valuable lesson today. Very valuable my friends. Never go on a cold weather run without a plan for the waterfall of snot that will start pouring out of your nose while you run. Because it will put you in the awkward situation of debating how and where to wipe that snot away, forcing you to decide whether to ruin your nice new running jacket sleeves or gloves. And then you will know that you wiped your snot there. And just think about it the whole run. Gross. And annoying. And because  I am SO not a “farmer blow, let it fly in the wind” kind of gal, I had to choose, so I chose the gloves, because I can easily throw them in the wash. Tissues will be brought along next time. Lesson learned.


On the plus side this was my view during my run today, and it made the cold wind and snot waterfall much more bearable. I really do love running outside, even in the cold! (Remind me of that when it’s 5 degrees out and I can’t feel my face…)

My run felt AWESOME today, especially considering I did the 8 miles on sunday and my legs were feeling pretty sore yesterday. I owe my quick recovery to my new compression sleeves, which I wore half the day yesterday.


Yeah those are my sexy calves, man they look giant in this picture….

I also got a chance to try out my new brooks glycerin 11’s that I mentioned in my last post. Those things are amazing, it really felt like I was running on pillows. So awesome. I think I need another pair. In purple, which is not a color option, so Brooks you should get on that asap thanks!

So I have decided I could eat salad with fruit in it everyday. Seriously. It’s my favorite! If only fruit weren’t so expensive this time of year….I may just have to get creative with what fruits go in there…for example when I went grocery shopping this week my store didn’t have any strawberries. A serious travesty. So after drying my tears I looked for what else I could throw in there and decided mandarin oranges would pair well with the blueberries. They did. It was Delicious.


I also made a clean and simple chinese chicken stir fry for dinner tonight. It was very flavorful but quick and easy, which are all things I love in a good recipe! I really do like cooking, and it feels so good knowing exactly what’s in my food and the effort that went into it.

Tomorrow is a long day for me, I’m not a big fan of Wednesdays. I have to work at the gym at 4:00am, then get my run in (4×1600 repeats @ 7:22 pace) then I have to go teach at the university, then help coach the college athletes at my strength and conditioning internship. So I’ll be home until around 7:00pm. Thank goodness for leftovers! 🙂

Questions for you:

How do you handle a runny nose during your run? Any good tips?

Obviously I just wipe it wherever I can without having to look at it or think about it…awesome strategy really.

What’s your favorite salad combination?

Mine is chicken with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, walnuts and raspberry dressing. YUM!

What’s your least favorite day of the week and why?

Wednesdays for sure. They are just so long for me and I still have a few days left in the work week so it feels a bit discouraging. Boo hump day I don’t like you!


Rock you like a hurricane

Happy Saturday! Is anybody else as jazzed for this long weekend as I am? I just love the fact that I have NO classes Monday! That means no classes to teach or attend! This pretty much NEVER happens, so I plan to take full advantage of it!

In other news… I am excited to announce I will be competing in my very FIRST Crossfit competition next Saturday!!! It’s a partner competition which means I get to have a teammate to help me get through all the craziness, and I’m very lucky because one of my coaches, Erica, agreed to be my partner in crime!!!

Here’s what I’ll be doing at the competition (If you aren’t into Crossfit, you may not understand what a lot of this means, but suffice it to say, it’s gonna be killer!)

Crossfit in the Corn Crib Competition WODs:
WoD 1: (For Time)
200 m Run
100 – Thrusters 95/65 (modified – 65/45)
100 – Over the bar Burpees (modified – bare bar on ground)
200 m Run
(15 minute Cap)

WoD 2: (Combine both Max Effort)
1RM Barbell Ground to Overhead

(3 minute Cap)WoD 3: (For Time)
200 m Partner Wheel Barrow Walk (modified – no feet on shoulders)
50 – Over the Box Jump 24/18 (modified – 18/12)
50 – KB Swings 1.5/1 pood (modified – Russian swing)
150 – Double Unders or 450 singles or 300 tuck jumps – both partners must do the same
50 – KB Swings 1.5/1 pood (modified – Russian swing)
50 – Over the Box Jump 24/18 (modified – 18/12)
200 m Med Ball Toss 20/14
(15 minute Cap)WoD 4:
Will be announced at the Crib!!!
So the way it works is, my partner and I will complete each WOD together, so we split the reps between us and try to get it done as fast as possible!  All teams complete the first 3 WODS and then the top ten teams from each division get to move on and do the final fourth WOD. See how there’s two sets of numbers? The first set is for men/women RX division and the second is for men/women scaled. Since it was my first competition I decided to go with the scaled. The competitor in me wanted to do the Rx division, but the logical side of me reasoned I’ve only been doing this Crossfit thing for about a month now and it would be smart to ease into it since this is my first competition and I don’t really know what to expect! It’s still going to be tough, and if I decide I need more of a challenge I can do Rx next time!!
Normally I don’t work out on the weekends, I usually use Saturday and Sunday as my rest days. However, one of the girls I workout with wanted to do a random WOD today at open gym, so I figured why not?!
Here’s the WOD us girls came up with:
 We named our WOD in honor of the hurricane passing through! Admit is, rock me like a hurricane is a pretty awesome name for a WOD!!
So for this WOD you perform the first 3 exercises for 8 minutes, trying to do as many rounds as possible! Then you take a 2 minute break and perform the second set of 3 exercises for 8 minutes, again trying to get in as many rounds as you can!
I gave this WOD a big sweat thumbs up!!
For the first set of exercises I used 135 pounds for my deadlifts and did the double unders instead of the singles (because I can actually do them now!!) and I was able to  get in 3 rounds. For the second set of exercises we did 45 pounds for the push press and again I did double unders and I was able to get in 2 rounds. I was definitely a little burnt out after the first part of the WOD and struggled to move as quickly through the second part! But overall it was a killer WOD and a really fun time! It is SOOO much better to workout with other people, especially the awesome peeps I get to sweat with!
 Here’s the awesome group of ladies I got to do this WOD with!!! Don’t we look sweaty hardcore? I loved working out with these beautiful ladies and I’m so proud of us for coming up with our own WOD and then kicking its butt!!
I’m expecting some really tough workouts this week since they will be geared toward the competition, but I say, BRING IT ON!!! 🙂 I’m just a *teensy bit competitive, if you didn’t already know…and I’m super psyched to be competing in something again!!
Now I’m off  to go relax and read my new book!
I really like this book so far! It’s kind of like The Giver mixed with  Hunger Games!!
Questions for you:
-Have you ever been to a Crossfit competition?
This will be my first one!!
-Do you have a workout buddy or do you prefer to workout solo?
I used to always work out alone but now I can’t imagine working out without all my Crossfit peeps!
-What good book are you reading lately?

Running in quicksand and CPR manikins are creepy

Just in case you were wondering (and you probably weren’t) getting certified as a CPR instructor is not as boring as it sounds! I went into this whole thing thinking it was going to be a REALLY long 3 days of having boring CPR/First Aid information drilled into my head until I wanted to pull my hair out. In actuality, it was kind of fun and interactive. It was nice to touch up on my current CPR skills as well as delve deeper into first aid and other CPR information I didn’t know. Plus we spent a lot of time practicing the art of actually teaching the class to others, which was really good because I am a bit nervous about teaching this stuff to 28 students!

So this is my slightly creepy CPR manikin before I assembled him!


Here he is fully assembled! That weird bag sticking out of his mouth is his “lung”. When you blow into it his chest will rise. Pretty cool huh? Ok maybe not as exciting to the rest of you….I guess I’m kind of a CPR nerd now!!

Guess what finally came in the mail?!


My new Polar FT4!!! Isn’t the pink gorgeous?! LOVE! So I was very excited to finally get my new toy and OF COURSE I had to try it out! I wore it during one of my crossfit WODs the other day. The time included our warm up, stretching, etc and the actual WOD was only like 15 minutes, so burning 445 calories was pretty stinkin good! I’ve also worn this beauty for some of my treadmill runs and I have definitely noticed a difference in what my watch says vs. what the machine says for calories burned. Bad news peeps, the treadmill has overestimated by calories EVERYTIME, sometimes by over 100 calories! So keep that in mind next time you are working out on a machine!

So far I am very happy with my new Polar watch and I would highly recommend it!

In other news, I still can’t cook….


I tried to make these salmon patties, but I ended up burning the outside and the inside was still super mushy…FAIL

SO since I didn’t feel like attempting another cooking failure mom and I decided to have a food adventure and go to a “towny” restaurant (that’s actually not located in our town, it’s in a small town like 15 minutes from us) but that’s semantics…anyway we’ve heard lots of great things about this place and always wanted to try it so….we did!

Here’s their menu, it’s actually pretty simple and mostly made up of “bar” food, but supposedly they have amazing hamburgers, so of course I HAD to try it!


Let me tell you, this burger was AWESOME! I was originally going to eat this without the bun, you know since it’s A) got gluten in it and B) not paleo…but I decided I’d been really good the past few days and deserved a little bit of a break. I decided the possible stomach ache would be worth it, and let me tell you, it SO was!!

Of course no burger dinner would be complete without some ice cream for dessert….


I love when they give me eyes 🙂 Is it strange that I think it’s cute when my ice cream looks at me while I eat it? hmm….

So onto catching you up on my workouts from the past few days:

I have been faithfully attending crossfit every day and I am LOVING it! Today I was able to do the WOD that the rest of the group did instead of a baby beginner WOD and it was AWESOME!!! 🙂 I am just loving the workouts, the challenge and feeling of being pushed to my limits, plus the atmosphere is one of a kind! Everyone is so encouraging and nice, and the coaches are always giving you attention to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. Pretty sweet!

I’m sure you are wondering, what about her running? Don’t worry folks, I am still keeping up with my half marathon training. I will say this week has been a bit tougher than I anticipated…I knew doing the crossfit would wear me out a little bit but I didn’t realize how much it would affect my running! Yesterday I did an easy 2 mile recovery run, but the kicker is it wasn’t that easy! I mean it was only 2 miles for crying out loud and at a 9:30 pace! But the first mile I felt like I was running in quick sand and it was HARD. It started to get better by the second mile but since I was only running 2 miles, that means I spent half my run STRUGGLING! But, it’s okay, mama said they’ll be days like this right? Today was a 5 mile pace run and it was a bit better, but still harder than it should be! I warmed up at a 9 min/mile pace and then ran the middle 3 miles at an 8, 8:15 and 8:30 min/mile pace. All 3 of these miles were supposed to be at an 8 min/mile pace, but I just couldn’t push through it 😦 While I was a bit disappointed in myself initially, I thought about how hard I’ve been working this week incorporating this new training of crossfit and realized I’m doing pretty well overall!  I warmed down at a 9:30 min/mile pace and called it a day!


There’s nothing like a nice sweaty run to finish your day!!

Time to get to bed, I’ve got a WOD bright and early tomorrow morning!


Questions for you:

Have you ever taken a CPR class? What did you think of it?

Does anybody else have a polar watch? If so, which one?

Anyone else have any cooking failures they want to share? (Please, it will make me feel better!)





Hello George Foreman, I might be allergic to seafood?

Today was bittersweet for me. I had my last day at my internship, which turned out to be only a few minutes long because I showed up to work and found out my supervisor took the day off for a wedding he has this weekend, but he forgot to tell me! Oh well it worked out because I got to see all my co-workers for the last time 😦 Well not really the last time because I definitely plan to visit! Anyhoo….they gave me a super sweet card and this AWESOME gift!

See a while back I was talking with one of my favorite ladies, Annette, who works at the rehab center and we were talking about cooking meat and she said she likes to use her George Foreman, and I said oh man I’ve always wanted one of those! She couldn’t believe I didn’t have one so……that’s where the awesome farewell gift comes in! 🙂 I am definitely going to miss everyone there and I had an awesome experience, but I know it’s time to move on to the next chapter in my life….Grad School!!!! AAaaah (Yes I’m having a minor freak out just thinking about being a GA in GRAD school….but it’s all good)

So on another note….I think I might possibly be allergic to seafood or something? Yeah I’m not totally sure but I ate this salad for dinner:

Looks awesome right? Yeah I thought so too! It has crab, shrimp, bacon and mango and it was YUMMY! However… a few minutes after I ate this I started getting itchy…and then a little while after that my stomach was hurting and I felt really nauseous…..then when I got home my throat felt like it was closing up and I was having some trouble breathing 😦 I mean we aren’t talking full-out anaphylactic shock or anything, but there was definitely something up! Not cool man….but I can’t pinpoint what it was for sure…so it’s a mystery for now.


So today was a cross training day for me since I am sticking to my plan of running every other day (my knees are thanking me for that)! I decided to do some intervals on the spin bike followed by some steady state cardio on the elliptical. It was a nice workout and gave me a chance to catch up on my new Nicholas Sparks book that I bought on my kindle fire, The Lucky One. I’m not very far in yet but I’m already pretty hooked! I didn’t do any strength training in anticipation of my baseline testing for cross fit tomorrow! I want to perform at my best so I am saving my strength and energy!

Even though I didn’t run today I made sure to spend a good amount of time with my new BFF, the Foam Roller (I need to come up with a better name for it, any suggestions?)

Yeah….we are definitely getting pretty close! Move over hubby…foamy(lame name but it works for now?) and I may need our own space on the bed! 🙂

Now I am icing my knees as I type this! I am super committed to doing whatever I need to do to make sure I don’t get injured this time around!! Smart training=happy, healthy body=happy Jenna!

Now I’m off to bed! I need to rest up because I have a big day tomorrow! I have my Cross Fit Baseline testing in the morning (SO stoked but a tinsy bit nervous as well! eek!!) and then my good friends wedding!! I am so excited for her, she is such a sweet girl and she’s marrying an awesome guy! I’m also excited to slow dance with the hubs 🙂 Yeah….I’m that lame!!! I’ll fill you in on all the details later! Night all!


Questions for you:

-Do you ever name inanimate objects? Or is it just me…..

I named my kindle Kinny (so original I know) and my husband’s iPad Patty…I”m sure I’ve named other things as well!

-Do you have any food allergies?

-Do you own a george foreman? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook on it?





Getting over my sick bug with a 5 mile tempo run

So….I guess I’m finally feeling better! I woke up this morning still feeling pretty awful, so I proceeded to nap and do a whole lot of nothing all day. But then I had to get my butt up and moving because I had a client to train tonight. I packed my own workout bag, thinking if I was feeling up to it I’d try to run a few miles after training. My thinking behind this was A) I have decided to start running again and I have also decided to do a half marathon that’s in about 8 weeks, which means I need to get my butt in gear! and B) This might sound crazy but whenever I’m feeling sick I find myself getting worse the more I lay around. I find I can only break out of my sick slump by getting up and moving. I like to think of it as I’m sweating the sickness out! *Note: Obviously I would never recommend a normal person to workout right after they are still overcoming a cold/flu whatever. You should always listen to your body and give it time to recover! However, I’m crazy, and also I know my body and know when I can push it and when I can’t. That being said…

I ended up running a 5 mile tempo run! While this is the run that was on my schedule, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. After all just this morning my world was spinning, plus I’ve been nauseous and just feeling awful the past few days. Yet as I began to run I started feeling better and better and decided to just go for it. My tempo run looked like this:

Mile 1: Warm up at 9:10 mile pace

Mile 2: 8:35 mile pace

Mile 3: 8:10 mile pace

Mile 4: 8:35 mile pace

Mile 5: Cool down at 9:30 mile pace

For not having ran for weeks now, I’d have to say I was pretty happy with that tempo run!

Look at me all happy! Man have I missed running! And it’s crazy how much BETTER I felt after this run! I really kicked that sickness in the butt! Booya!

So being the good little runner I am (now) I immediately stretched and foamed rolled after this run because I am NOT going to get injured again! During the run my IT bands didn’t give me any problems which is AWESOME. My left knee was tweaking a little bit but I contribute that to not having run in awhile….so I’m not too worried!

This is me being a REALLY good girl and icing my knees as soon as I got home! This is going to be my routine EVERY time I run now! Stretch, foam roll, ice! And I’m going to focus on strengthening my hips and knees as much as I can! Although I definitely think cross fit will help with that, but we’ll have to see!

Well that’s it for me today! I hope everyone is staying healthy this week! Tomorrow I will continue my running program with an easy 2 mile run set at a 9:30 mile pace, should be a breeze!!

*In case anyone is interested, I’m actually using a training program through smart coach for my running this time, which can be found on! I really like this one because you can enter specifics like how hard you want to train and how many miles you want to run per week and it will calculate all the nitty gritty details for you! This is my first time using this program so I will have to let you all know how it goes once I’ve been doing it longer!

Questions for you:

-What do you do to get yourself over being sick?

-What’s your favorite stretch to do after a run?

I love the pigeon stretch because it really stretches those tight hip flexors and it feels amazing!

-Do you typically ice after a run?

I didn’t used to, but I definitely will now!

Sick days, Strawberry Date Bars and A New Running Plan

Well my morning started with multiple trips to the bathroom…looks like I caught some sort of bug 😦 I hate being sick, especially in the summer! I also hate when it comes out of nowhere and you can’t even be prepared for it! grr….

(Pretend there’s a picture of me looking sick and pathetic here, I just didn’t feel up to taking one!)

ImageThis here is my favorite concoction to make when I’m feeling under the weather. It’s emergen-C mixed with some sugar free fruit punch. I also added in some amino energy because I was just feeling sooooo exhausted and weak. I used to make these a lot after long runs to restore my electrolytes. It was fitting today since I wasn’t keeping much food or water down, so i’m sure my electrolytes were low! I was only able to drink a little bit of this, but it did seem to help a little.

ImageLuckily my awesome hubby was off today and made me HOMEMADE chicken noodle soup, he’s the best! 🙂 There’s nothing like some good old chicken noodle soup to comfort you when your feeling sick.

In other news, I have some big stuff coming up this week! As soon as I am feeling better, I’ve decided to ease back into running! (I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away long!) I am going to take my time though and not shoot for any crazy goals just yet (so no Boston marathon! lol). However, there is a half marathon at the end of september in the Quad Cities I was originally going to run as the full, and I think I may be able to do that as a half, we’ll have to see how I’m feeling!



I got some great tips/advice on how to start training again after an injury from an AWESOME fellow blogger, Janea, who is an amazing runner and big inspiration to me! Her blog, The Hungry Runner Girl, is a really funny, insightful and inspiring blog that you should definitely check out!! She also had an injury she had to come back from, although hers was much more intense than mine! So if she can make a come back, I know I can too! My big goal this time is to take it slow and really listen to my body. I’m going to cut my running down to only 3 days a week for now, which is a big change from my 5-6 days before! I’m also only going to have one really long run which will be on Sundays. I’m going to put lots of focus into strength and cross training as well. Also, if I feel ANY pain I’m going to stop immediately! Stretching/foam rolling my IT band will be a huge priority as well! So hopefully by doing all that, I can get back into running without getting more injuries! We will just have to see how it goes!

The other BIG thing that is going to be happening this week is something I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. Ready?…….This Saturday I will be attending my very first CROSSFIT session at Fit bodies cross fit in Bloomginton!!! I am soooo excited! Now I know some people have very strong feelings about cross fit and I respect that. However as an exercise professional I feel it’s important to try out lots of different things so I have a better understanding of them. Plus the idea of cross fit really intrigues me and I like the intensity/challenge of it all! After all I am quite the competitor and I think it will be fun! I also like the idea of being in small groups together so you have a support system and also someone to hold you accountable!



I will tell you all about my adventure after Saturday! I also have a wedding that day for one of my good childhood friends so there should be lots to share!!!!

So I also promised you all the other day I would share a healthy dessert recipe with you, so here it is! This recipe is adapted from Whole and it’s super easy!

Strawberry Date Bars


-1 and 1/2 cups pitted dates

-1/4 cup raw cashews

-2 tablespoons gluten free old fashioned oats

-Pinch of sea salt

-1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup sliced into small pieces, the other half sliced into thin circles


-Mix the dates, cashews and salt in a food processor until very well combined

-Mash the date mixture into a 9X5 inch loaf pan, spreading evenly

-Mash half of the strawberry mixture (I used a fork) and then spread onto the date mixture, pressing the mashed strawberries into the date bars

-Finally place the sliced strawberries on top


You can slice the bars and eat it right away, or store it in the fridge, covered in aluminum foil. It’s that easy!! Enjoy!

Nutrition stats according to My Fitness Pal:

Total Calories per bar (Based off of the recipe making 6 slices total): 96

Total Fat: 2.2 grams (1.2 grams from monounsaturated, which is the “good” fat!)

Total Carbs: 17.9 grams, 13.1 grams from sugar(but it’s NATURAL sugar!), 2.2 grams from fiber

Total Protein: 1.5 grams

So all in all, not bad!!! It’s definitely a much healthier dessert option than say, strawberry pie, which is what I think this tastes pretty similar to!


YUM! 🙂

Alrighty well I’m feeling pretty wiped (mostly from lack of food and dehydration…) So I’m off to bed. I’m really hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow, but we will have to see. I’m really not feeling so hot right now :-/ BOO! I am so excited to start running again so I need to get better ASAP! I hope everyone else’s week is going good!

Questions for you:

-What’s your favorite comfort food when you’re sick?

-Any injured runner out there? How did you train after you came back from the injury?

-Have you ever heard of/tried cross fit? What’s your take on it?

New Workout Gear and My Current Coconut Kale Obsession

Can I just say I seriously have the best mom/best friend a girl could ever ask for?? I love hanging out with her, she’s always so sweet and fun and patient with me! She knows me better than anyone and we just have such a great time together! And I’m not just saying this because she bought me new workout gear today…that’s just icing on the cake!:-)

These beauties are my new Nike Free Runner 3’s!! I am so excited because I have been wanting these for AWHILE now! Since I’m not running much anymore and am focusing more on weight lifting and other cross training I have been wanting some good light weight, flexible, yet supportive shoes. These definitely fit the bill! I had heard lots of good things about them and as soon as I put them on I understood why! These babies felt AMAZING. They are so light weight yet my feet still feel like they are getting the support they need, so I’m a happy girl! I was also excited to finally have some purple shoes! And since you know I love to match my workout clothes, purple shoes meant…..

Purple workout clothes!!! OK so this bra doesn’t look purple, but trust me IT IS. I just need a better camera than my iPhone 🙂 And these pants have both purple and pink, so they will match my shoes perfectly! 🙂 The most amazing part about these workout clothes is their price! We found these babies at JCPenny of all places! The pants were only $10!! Crazy! And they are actually a very nice material and they don’t feel cheap at all! And then there’s the bra. OH man, that bra! I was SOOO excited when I saw it because it looks JUST like this Lululemon bra I have been DYING to have for like….ever now but it was too expensive so I have put off getting it! But this baby was only $14 and is a spitting image of the lulu one, plus it feels very supportive and comfortable! SCORE! We also saw that sweet workout top and loved the multi-colors and cool back, and since it was also only $10 (CRAZY!) we decided to get it as well!

Cute right? And I think I could totally pull it off with my new shoes! Now I can’t wait for strong class to break in all my new gear! 🙂

In other news, I was supposed to spend the rest of my Sunday cleaning, but decided to watch the olympics instead! Very productive of me…:-) As I watched I chowed down on my latest obsession…..COCONUT KALE! So let me tell you…this stuff is awesome! I have never ever liked kale, not even a little bit, no matter what I’ve put it in or how I’ve cooked it. I’ve tried eating it in salads, that was a NEGATIVE. I’ve tried scrambling it in my eggs, and that wasn’t too great either. So finally I decided to try sautéing it in some coconut oil. BEST DECISION EVER. It is sooooo good! I like the crispness it gets from the oil and the subtle coconut flavor goes very well with the kale! I also like to add in some garlic, and sometimes even throw in some cashews! The crunch from the nuts adds some nice texture to the dish!


So lately I’ve been making this coconut kale and then scrambling up some eggs with meat and throwing it on top/next to the kale and voila! A complete healthy and low carb friendly dinner! This type of meal fits in perfectly with my low carb/ higher protein and fat paleo-ish “diet” I’ve been following. I hate the word diet, but whatever.

I also did some more “baking” yesterday, although there wasn’t really any actual baking involved, but you know what I mean. I tried out a super simple and healthy dessert! It turned out great and I will definitely be sharing it with you guys soon! (And don’t worry this one isn’t another protein bar recipe! lol)

So that was my Sunday, now it’s time to get through my internship so I can teach strong class in my snazzy new workout gear! 🙂


Questions for you:

-What’s your favorite brand of workout gear?

I love so many, but probably under armor and Lululemon for clothes and nike for shoes!

-What workout shoes are you currently rocking?

I was wearing my mizuno’s and nike free TRs, but now it’s all about the new Nike Free Runners!

-Are you watching the Olympic Games? If so, what’s your favorite event?

I love the diving and gymnastics because I used to do both of those so it brings back good memories 🙂