Welcome to Redhead Running Wild! My name is Jenna, I’m a 24 year old red headed fitness addict living in Bloomington, IL with my wonderful hubby. I have a unhealthy  totally normal obsession with sweets which I balance out by eating lots of veggies and running as far and as fast as I can.

I have my bachelors degree in exercise science, and am finishing up a Master’s program in Exercise Physiology at Illinois State University, I graduate this spring!! I am also a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and am currently working on my Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification. In other words, I am *slightly* obsessed with all things fitness related.

That handsome fellow is my best friend in the whole world and husband of 3 and 1/2 years, Chris, but you may see him referred to in the blog as hubby, hubs or Topher.

I decided to start this blog so I can share all my crazy fitness and life adventures with you lovely people! I may also include some of my random thoughts on life, love and health as well as anything else I find amusing! Since I am currently training to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon 2015, you will also find a copious good amount of running related posts.Though I played all sorts of sports in high school,  I just started running  a few years ago and am in NO WAY a professional when it comes to running, but I am learning as I go!

I also have an insane love for burpees and reptile push ups, and think all woman should embrace their strength, both inside and out!

Oh and I like to laugh, like a lot, and yes my laugh is slightly obnoxious, which tends to just make me laugh more! I have found you can’t take yourself too seriously, and it’s good to laugh at yourself once in a while, or in my case, pretty much every day! Besides, being angry takes way too much energy and  I could be using that energy to increase my mile time or figure out yet another way to justify using twizzlers  as my pre-race meal.

So that’s a little about me! I hope you enjoy this blog, because if you don’t I will run to your house and make you do burpees until you change your mind and thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions feel free to email me at redheadrunningwild@gmail.com or leave a question in the comment section of a post! I would love to hear from you all!

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