Reflections on the Crossfit Open and Becoming a Big Girl

Well hello! So here we are, finished with 3 weeks of the crossfit open. Last time we talked I was just getting ready for the first week. So here’s my thoughts on the open so far.
1) The open workouts are tough, probably more mentally than physically in a lot of ways
2) Cardio….The first two open workouts were very cardiovascular based and as I have been getting stronger I have also sadly been getting a it slower…
3) I still have so much work to do if I want to be one of the best, and I’m not fully sure that’s even what I want anymore
4) It’s definitely been a good learning experience but I’m kind of ready for it to be over…5 weeks is a long time to be in competition mode and I’m ready for some calm and stress free workouts!
So that’s kind of where I’m at with the open right now. Overall I’m doing okay, I’m 132 out of 5,239 in my region and in the world I’m 1,536 out of 65,893. So putting that into perspective I’m in the top 3% for my region and the top 2% in the world. So that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately to make it to regionals I want* to be top 43, or in the top .8 % so I’m not there yet!

On a positive note I got the chance to go up to Chicago and visit my good friend and training partner Paige, who’s going to law school there. Her Crossfit gym does a fun mock competition on Fridays during the open and she invited me to come participate. It was so much fun!!



I took the train to the city, and it was actually my first time riding a train, can you believe it?

I also ended up taking a taxi for the first time, so basically I became a “big girl” on this trip! We also walked to all the places we went in the city and that was a nice change of pace from my usual driving everywhere back home. It made me realize I may like living in a big city after all!

Not to mention this is a pretty nice view to wake up to!
When we were walking back from the gym, we came across this bar and I just had to get a picture!!

What do ya know, a bar just for me! Somehow we didn’t get ANY pictures of the two of us from this trip, which is a major fail. However, I had an awesome time and it was definitely a nice change of pace and a nice mini trip to finish off my spring break!

Now it’s back to the normal grind of work, teaching and studying!

Some serious grading going down there! I also had a second phone interview with a job I really like, so I’m hoping it went well and I hear back with good news soon! If not,I guess I’ll just keep applying and I know eventually something’s going to work out! Gotta stay positive!
I am happy to report I’ve managed to keep my eating pretty healthy during all this chaos, which is really important, even more so when your under a lot of stress!

I’m also happy to say running will be making a re-appearance in my life now that the weather is finally getting nicer! I can’t wait to get out there and pound out some good miles! I also think I’m going to try to run the U of I half marathon towards the end of April as my first race of the season. I won’t have a lot of time to train though so we’ll see how I’m feeling!

Hope you guys are having a great week!

Tell me about your first train ride! How old were you? Where were you going?


6 thoughts on “Reflections on the Crossfit Open and Becoming a Big Girl

    • Hi! Yes the top 48 men and women from each region get to go to regionals. I should’ve been more clear, my personal goal was to try and be 43 or above just to give myself some cushion, I didn’t want to be right on the “bubble” and for some reason that sounded like a good number to me 🙂

  1. Your story is so inspiring! I’m glad ot know I’m not the only one struggling to make Regionals. I really need help with Olympic Lifting. Have you had any specific training? What gym do you train at?

    • That is so sweet of you to say!! Yes, regionals is tough to get to and from what I’ve seen there are a LOT of good athletes and every year everyone is getting better so it’s a constant battle! I used to struggle with my olympic lifts as well, but then I switched gyms to my current one (Crossfit Bloomington Normal) and I was lucky enough to get to work with an olympic lifting coach and that helped A TON. I’ve also been given the chance to work with a gymnastics coach and that has made a huge difference on all my skill work. So now I have all the tools and can do all the skills, I just need to get faster and more efficient! Just keep working at your weaknesses and you will get there 🙂 Then of course a new weakness will surface, but that’s part of the fun right?!

  2. How many times a week do you work with your Oly coach? I just started Oly lifting and don’t have a go to coach.

    • Hi! When I first switched to my new gym they had me do STRICTLY olympic lifting for about a month, so that I could really focus on my form and technique. I won’t lie, this was difficult and stressful for me because I am NOT an olympic lifter and really missed all my other crossfit stuff but it REALLY helped. They really wanted me to do 3 months with him but I couldn’t handle doing just that for 3 months, so after the month I went back to crossfit but would check in with him once or twice a week. Now I just kind of check up with him or my other coaches when needed. They are such technical movements, so it’s really important to have the correct form and instruction, especially before trying to put heavier weights overhead. However, it was definitely worth it because my snatch went from 115-125 with terrible form to 150 lb with excellent form and my clean and jerk went from 160 (with a really ugly jerk) to 185 lb and that felt easy! 🙂

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