A Happy New Year and 21 Days of No Sugar!

Happy New year! (A little late, I know…) Anyway I hope you guys all had an awesome time saying goodbye to 2013 and hello to all that’s to come in 2014!

I for one am so ready for a new year, we should be seeing a lot of changes in the Cabrera household. I am graduating from my masters program this spring, hopefully starting a big girl job, possibly(most likely actually) moving somewhere new, Chris will be going back to school, and who knows what else! Bring it on, 2014!

I celebrated my New Year’s Eve with my awesome family, we kept it pretty low key. We did make some awesome food, it’s kind of become a tradition to have things like homemade soft pretzels (my sister makes the best one!), little hot dogs and spinach artichoke dip.

We also made some awesome buffalo chicken dip this year and it was A-MAZ-ING! Seriously this stuff was so good…

Get. In. My. Belly.
We finished off our night watching the ball drop and then promptly heading to bed. We are soooo cool. Next year we will celebrate east coast time, because we have officially become THOSE people that can’t even stay awake until midnight…

Sleepily watching the ball drop…

New Year’s Day was my family’s Christmas celebration, because we like to do things strange like that. We started our morning off with a classic breakfast food in our house, monkey bread! This stuff is ridiculously delicious. It’s basically biscuits cut up and dipped in cinnamon sugar, then a cinnamon sugar/butter glaze is poured on top of the sugar-dipped biscuits and the whole thing is baked in the oven to let the sugary goo infuse into the biscuits…um yeah, it’s as amazing as it sounds.


After our yummy super healthy breakfast we hung out for awhile and waited for my other sister, brother-in-law and cute little nephew to get there so we could do our stockings and presents.

We take our stocking stuffing very seriously in my family, it’s kind of a big deal. As you can see my adorable nephew Luke is really stoked about opening his stocking.

We also had an amazing Christmas dinner cooked by my amazing sister Jessica (the one who gets to live in Las Vegas!)

That’s some serious ham action right there.

Our super fancy table, and a special setting for Luke of course!
It was sooo nice to spend time with family and celebrate Christmas together, and it made it even more fun to do two holidays in one! My family is definitely pretty awesome….

My brother-in-law David and my cute nephew Luke! Love these boys to pieces! Luckily my nephew lives nearby so I still get to see him but my brother-in-law David had to go back to Las Vegas 😦 I hate to see them go!

In other news, I’m starting a 21 day sugar detox (actually I started it today) just to clean out and reset my body after all the crap I’ve consumed in the last few weeks. I am also going to be stepping up my Crossfit training to get ready for the open, so I need to make sure my nutrition is spot on so I have the right fuel for my performance. So expect to see lots of meat and veggie based meals for awhile! Pretty much I’m going back to paleo, but I allow myself some rice and/or white potatoes after my workouts. Also for the 21 days I can’t even have natural, paleo-approved sugar, except 1 piece of fruit a day. I know it will be hard at first but I’m looking forward to all the benefits to be gained from this experience!

Today I made a yummy breakfast of sautéed ham and asparagus topped with poached eggs. It was delicious!


Then I made one of my favorite chicken recipes for dinner, Indian style butter chicken and coconut cauliflower rice! I will share this recipe with you guys soon, because you NEED it in your life!

Well now it’s off to bed, we are supposed to be getting a big blizzard tonight with lots of snow accumulation, so here’s to hoping I get snowed in and don’t have to go to work tomorrow!

Questions for you:

What did you do for New Years? Did you go out or stay in?

Do you have any special foods your family always has for Christmas or New Years?

What’s your New Years resolution?
I’m not really a big resolution girl, but if I was going to have one it would be to live an even healthier and happier year than 2013, and I also really want to have a big girl job lined up for after graduation 🙂


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