Everybody’s working for the weekend

Oh weekends. We are always waiting(working), praying and hoping for them. Then it finally arrives, and always goes by way. too. fast. And before you know it it’s back to the boring week days. So lame. My weekends are a little different since I work Sundays, so really it’s saturdays that are my absolute favorite. This Saturday was especially awesome! My mom, husband and I continued our yearly Christmas tradition of going to see White Christmas at an old movie theater in town.



Thanks for taking our picture mom 🙂 Sorry my iPhone doesn’t do well in the dark….

I LOVE going to see this movie, it’s such a fun experience and really makes it feel like Christmas.

Before the movie Mom and I went to dinner at a nearby restaurant (the hubs was still working so he couldn’t come) I ended up getting some Tilapia with vegetable risotto and my oh my was it good!!



We also had to have popcorn and some candy at the movie because at the theater we go to everything is $1! What a great deal!! Speaking of candy….I’ve decided it really is the best post-long run fuel…



Twizzlers are probably my favorite candy ever…that or sour patch kids, not sure I could pick between those two. Luckily I don’t have to!!

Unfortunately I can’t just eat candy all day, which is a bummer, but it’s not really a healthy idea, plus I think I would get sick of it and then it wouldn’t be special. So instead I try to counteract the candy with lots of veggies. And now that I have my handy-dandy super snazzy vitamix, this is happening ALL.THE.TIME.

IMG_1637 IMG_1639

I’m tellin ya folks, it’s magic!!! And look at all that green healthiness being liquified for my drinking pleasure!! It’s especially important I get lots of healthy greens right now for the vitamins because I am STILL fighting this dumb cold. It’s so frustrating! I’ve decided until it’s completely gone I’m going to be running inside, because I don’t want to keep making it worse 😦  I’ve also been trying to drink TONS of water



I’m obsessed with this glass water bottle from lululemon right now!!

You guys will also be proud of me, I’m STILL keeping up with cooking healthy dinners every night! Last night I used the rest of my homemade pizza dough to make a chicken and veggie pizza, and tonight I made a delicious healthy version of chicken alfredo that used non-fat cottage cheese and greek yogurt to make the alfredo sauce, as opposed to cream. It turned out awesome! AND, you’ll never guess what I used to make the sauce. That’s right my friends, I used my trusty vitamix! That thing didn’t just blend up all my ingredients, it actually HEATED the sauce up as well! So, so cool!



AND the hubby even liked this one. That’s a win win people. It will probably be my lunch tomorrow! And once again, I’m anxiously anticipating this weekend, as it is the hubs and my 5 year wedding anniversary! And we have some pretty fun plans!!!!! 🙂


Questions for you:

What’s your favorite day of the week? Least favorite?

Saturday is definitely my favorite, and lately wednesdays have been my least favorite because they tend to be my longest day, plus it’s just that awkward half-way through the week day that you don’t know what to do with.

What’s your favorite candy, IF you had to pick just one?

Based on my current mood, I’m going to go with sour patch kids. But that could change in another hour…


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