Christmas trees, broken iPad screens and a vitamix

So I’ve decided grading is the absolute worst. I had to submit all the final grades for my undergrad students last night. It took me hours and gave me a massive headache. So I can DEFINITELY cross teacher off my career list (not that it was on the list to begin with…)

Anyway, while I was busy grading my life away, my awesome Mom and sister put up my Christmas tree for me!


Pretty, isn’t is?! They did a fantastic job and I’m very grateful for their help, because I doubt it would’ve gotten done otherwise!

I also got a really awesome surprise in the mail yesterday….


Yep….it as a vitamix blender! Dreams DO come true! I am so excited, I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time.


So expect to see lots of this happening:


Tada! It’s like magic! Let the green smoothie mayhem begin!

So after all the grading stress last night, i woke up this morning not feeling so hot, but I had 12 miles on the schedule so I sucked it up and dragged my butt out of bed to get ready. Then I looked at the weather report and saw this:


That’s when I decided to do an indoor run on the dread mill…yuck. So that decision led to this disaster:


Yep…thats a big spider web crack in my iPad screen 😦 While I was running I had one of my normal clutz moments and my iPad slipped off the book holder, took a ride down the treadmill belt and then flew off the end, landing on the concrete floor screen side down. So sad. That’s what I get for running inside….sigh. So now I need to decide if I’m going to try to replace the screen or just get a mini instead. Definitely a first world problem.

On the upside I am sooooo excited for tonight! We are heading to an old theater in town to attend our annual viewing of white Christmas (the movie). And the theater always has dollar popcorn and drinks, plus they do a raffle, so it’s lots of fun!

Questions for you:

Do you own a vitamix? Any good recipes?

Have you ever broken a phone or tablet screen? What did you do?

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions?


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