I’m a wimp and eating soup out of a coffee mug

6 miles of sweaty sprint intervals @ 7:45 pace on the treadmill yesterday. Man I tell ya it’s so much harder to run fast when you are A) Still sick and B) Coming back from being off a week. Oh well, at least I got through it!

Last night’s crockpot chicken tortilla soup turned into creamy chicken enchilada soup because, well, it just sounded good! And, that was pretty much the best decision ever. It was De-li-cious!!


We have this weird thing at our house where we put soup in our giant coffee mugs, because, well, why not? Plus it’s much easier to hold and eat while watching Big Bang Theory (we bought the 5th and 6th seasons for super cheap at target on black friday!)

Today I was all set to run 4 miles outside, in fact I even convinced my husband to meet me after I was done teaching so we could run on the trail together. We made it about 1 mile before we (I) wimped out. Granted it was pretty cold today- about 20 degrees, but I think it was bothering me more because I STILL have a stupid cold and just wasn’t feelin it. So we drove our cold butts to the gym and I finished the rest of my run on the treadmill. Then I got to play trainer to my hubby and run him through an upper body and ab workout. I get far too much joy out of torturing people via exercise….

After our workout we came back home and I made us some Baked Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese.


Another yummy yet healthy recipe in the books. I really liked this one. It was cheesy and gooey with a little kick. The picky hubby wasnt in love, but he’s very hard to please. Oh well that just means more for me!! He did, however, RAVE about the creamy chicken enchilada soup yesterday, so that’s something. 

Now it’s off to finish up some more CSCS chapters. I have to turn in the rest of them by tomorrow, and I still have 7 left, so I better get busy! My actual exam certification is December 20th so I still have some time to take a few practice tests before then. But after that I’m pretty much DONE for the semester!!! Woohoo!!! Then I’ll have a month off and way too much time on my hands, so who knows what I’ll do!! 


Questions for you:

How do you motivate yourself to get back into running after being sick?

I just remind myself it will be even worse the longer I put it off so I just suck it up and get it done!

Do you have any weird objects you eat food in? 

Mostly just the coffee cup thing, sometimes I”ll even eat my cereal out of it!

What’s the coldest temperature you will run in?

I’m thinking my cut off is going to be like 10 degrees, I just think I”m too much of a wimp to make it!!



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