Candy corn and rainbows and goose feathers, oh my!

Hello! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, but now it’s back to reality…so I decided Monday I would run, no matter what, because it had been a full week of sick and I was just over it. So of course my Monday ended up being hectic and by the time I was ready to run it was dark, cold and rainy. So that was awesome. I still managed to get my 5 miles in, but I won’t say it was easy. Oddly my legs felt good and I thought “huh that week off must’ve done me some good, I’m flying!” Oh contraire… I wasn’t flying…I was moving like a sloth. I hate those days.


I will say I was VERY happy to have my awesome lululemon pull over made with down goose feathers, it kept me nice and warm the whole run without being too heavy.


Plus, big bonus, it matches my beautiful new BLUE brooks glycerins! Yes…I did in fact get a second pair. Because these shoes are like running on baby goose feathers plucked from the softest goose ever who was fed only candy corn and rainbows. Or something like that.


Aren’t they pretty??

So I am super proud of myself this week because I have done something amazing. I have cooked a REAL dinner every night. On top of that it’s been a healthy and TASTY dinner. Now in all actuality it’s absolutely ordinary and unremarkable that I’ve done this. Just not for me. For me it’s a big deal because I’ve been tired and busy and lazy lately and therefore have had no motivation to cook. But this week I have been a cooking maniac! So Monday night I made this awesome homemade chicken potpie using shredded chicken, greek yogurt for the “gravy” and phyllo dough for the crust, to keep it light and healthy! Man….was it good!!!


Yes, I know you want to jump through the screen and eat it, but settle down now, you are welcome to come by and have some leftovers…o0h wait…it’s gone already 🙂


Get. In. My. Belly.

So then last night I got really ambitious and made HOMEMADE whole wheat pizza crust from scratch.


And then I used this pizza dough as a base for my Chicken Alfredo Pizza. What?! Yeah that’s right.


Holy heaven in my mouth. This things was ridonculous. So so good. And get this, super healthy!!!

How you may ask? Well because, the alfredo sauce, it’s not REALLY alfredo. GASP. I know, crazy.

20131204-071220.jpgSo what IS this sauce made of then you ask? Well I thought about not telling you. And having you guess. But I’m too impatient to wait for your response, so I’ll just tell you. It’s made from CAULIFLOWER!

I know, I know. Your thinking, ew I don’t like cauliflower. It’s the red headed step child of broccoli. (Yes I did just go there). Anyway, you just need to trust me on this one people, it is SO good, and you can’t even tell it’s cauliflower. Mostly it just tastes like garlicy creamy goodness. Seriously, this sauce is awesome. If you want the recipe, you should visit this blog. She’s pretty awesome too, and that’s where I got the recipe for this pizza. It was definitely a hit.


I’m already thinking about the left overs I will have for lunch today.

Tonight we will be having a chicken tortilla soup that is going to be cooking in the crockpot all day, meaning minimal work required for me. So that’s win, obviously! Also on the agenda today is a 6 mile tempo run. Fun times! I’m also starting to plan out what races I want to do next year, so once I have those solidified I’ll let you guys know the plan. In case you want to come along or something. That would be sweet. We could get matching outfits and bond and all that jazz.

Questions for you:

What do you all do when your legs are feeling like lead and not cooperating, do you push through and stick with your plan or slow down and do what you can?

I am stubborn so I try to push through and maintain the pace I originally planned on, even if it almost kills me!

What’s on your menu this week? Any fun healthy recipes?

Tomorrow is Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, then Friday is crockpot sweet and sour chicken!!

What’s your stance on cauliflower? Love it, hate it, refuse to even speak it’s name?

I used to not like it but i’m officially on the cauliflower bandwagon!!


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