Things I’m loving right now

Here’s some things I’m loving lately…



These shoes- Asics Gel Nimbus, I really like the feel and ride of these babies, but don’t worry, my glycerin’s are still my true love, these are just a nice back up 🙂


This Chicken and Rice soup I made. Soooo good, especially in this cold, icky weather! You can find the recipe here.



This adorable little kitty of mine 🙂 She’s such a cutie and a GREAT cuddler!!


Yep, I’m still on my salad kick!! But don’t worry, I make sure to balance out all those healthy greens with some not so healthy sweets…now that’s what I call a healthy balance 🙂


This magazine came in the mail yesterday, and man do they have A LOT of cute stuff for winter! I found so many things to put on my wish list 🙂 If I could wear workout clothes 24/7 I would, but at least they have some “regular” clothes that are soo cute but just as comfy as workout clothes, so it’s a win/win!


Last but not least I am SUPER excited to go see the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie tonight with my hubby!!!! I LOVE this book series and really enjoyed the first movie, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!!

Speaking of which, it’s about time for a romantic dinner with the hubs before the movie, so I better go get ready!! 🙂


Questions for you:

What are you loving right now?

What’s on your wish list/christmas list?

For me it’s mostly workout/running related stuff…cause that’s pretty much my life lol But I would also love a new crockpot that is programmable…and I would never turn down a vitamix if anyone decided to get me one! haha

What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?

Lululemon, which makes my wallet sad lol But I’m really liking the latest Athleta stuff!!





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