Don’t go chasing snot waterfalls

Today’s workout: 3 miles @ 8:35 pace on some country roads; 15 minute strength circuit

I learned a valuable lesson today. Very valuable my friends. Never go on a cold weather run without a plan for the waterfall of snot that will start pouring out of your nose while you run. Because it will put you in the awkward situation of debating how and where to wipe that snot away, forcing you to decide whether to ruin your nice new running jacket sleeves or gloves. And then you will know that you wiped your snot there. And just think about it the whole run. Gross. And annoying. And because  I am SO not a “farmer blow, let it fly in the wind” kind of gal, I had to choose, so I chose the gloves, because I can easily throw them in the wash. Tissues will be brought along next time. Lesson learned.


On the plus side this was my view during my run today, and it made the cold wind and snot waterfall much more bearable. I really do love running outside, even in the cold! (Remind me of that when it’s 5 degrees out and I can’t feel my face…)

My run felt AWESOME today, especially considering I did the 8 miles on sunday and my legs were feeling pretty sore yesterday. I owe my quick recovery to my new compression sleeves, which I wore half the day yesterday.


Yeah those are my sexy calves, man they look giant in this picture….

I also got a chance to try out my new brooks glycerin 11’s that I mentioned in my last post. Those things are amazing, it really felt like I was running on pillows. So awesome. I think I need another pair. In purple, which is not a color option, so Brooks you should get on that asap thanks!

So I have decided I could eat salad with fruit in it everyday. Seriously. It’s my favorite! If only fruit weren’t so expensive this time of year….I may just have to get creative with what fruits go in there…for example when I went grocery shopping this week my store didn’t have any strawberries. A serious travesty. So after drying my tears I looked for what else I could throw in there and decided mandarin oranges would pair well with the blueberries. They did. It was Delicious.


I also made a clean and simple chinese chicken stir fry for dinner tonight. It was very flavorful but quick and easy, which are all things I love in a good recipe! I really do like cooking, and it feels so good knowing exactly what’s in my food and the effort that went into it.

Tomorrow is a long day for me, I’m not a big fan of Wednesdays. I have to work at the gym at 4:00am, then get my run in (4×1600 repeats @ 7:22 pace) then I have to go teach at the university, then help coach the college athletes at my strength and conditioning internship. So I’ll be home until around 7:00pm. Thank goodness for leftovers! 🙂

Questions for you:

How do you handle a runny nose during your run? Any good tips?

Obviously I just wipe it wherever I can without having to look at it or think about it…awesome strategy really.

What’s your favorite salad combination?

Mine is chicken with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, walnuts and raspberry dressing. YUM!

What’s your least favorite day of the week and why?

Wednesdays for sure. They are just so long for me and I still have a few days left in the work week so it feels a bit discouraging. Boo hump day I don’t like you!


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