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Things I’m loving right now

Here’s some things I’m loving lately…



These shoes- Asics Gel Nimbus, I really like the feel and ride of these babies, but don’t worry, my glycerin’s are still my true love, these are just a nice back up 🙂


This Chicken and Rice soup I made. Soooo good, especially in this cold, icky weather! You can find the recipe here.



This adorable little kitty of mine 🙂 She’s such a cutie and a GREAT cuddler!!


Yep, I’m still on my salad kick!! But don’t worry, I make sure to balance out all those healthy greens with some not so healthy sweets…now that’s what I call a healthy balance 🙂


This magazine came in the mail yesterday, and man do they have A LOT of cute stuff for winter! I found so many things to put on my wish list 🙂 If I could wear workout clothes 24/7 I would, but at least they have some “regular” clothes that are soo cute but just as comfy as workout clothes, so it’s a win/win!


Last but not least I am SUPER excited to go see the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie tonight with my hubby!!!! I LOVE this book series and really enjoyed the first movie, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!!

Speaking of which, it’s about time for a romantic dinner with the hubs before the movie, so I better go get ready!! 🙂


Questions for you:

What are you loving right now?

What’s on your wish list/christmas list?

For me it’s mostly workout/running related stuff…cause that’s pretty much my life lol But I would also love a new crockpot that is programmable…and I would never turn down a vitamix if anyone decided to get me one! haha

What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?

Lululemon, which makes my wallet sad lol But I’m really liking the latest Athleta stuff!!





I’m in love and prayers for Washington,IL

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, with a little bit of crazy mixed in! I started my saturday off with a nice easy 8 mile run in some gloomy weather. The run actually went really well and I didn’t mind my cloudy surroundings at all! 



I know I already mentioned this but I am in LOVE with my brooks glycerin’s!!! They seriously are my perfect shoe and I am so happy I found them!!! I even decided to order them in another color I love them THAT much!!!



After my run I hung out with my favorite little munchkin in the whole wide world, my nephew!!!! He is seriously the best, I love him to pieces…


That night I made myself and the fam an awesome healthy dinner! It was acorn squash stuffed with italian sausage, onion, celery and farro. I had never cooked with farro before, but I really liked it! It’s a grain that has a chewy consistency and a nutty flavor and is really delicious! Overall a wonderful, healthy dinner!!



The next day is when the crazy part of my weekend began. As some of you know or may have heard in the news, my town and surrounding areas was hit with some pretty serious tornadoes and storms on sunday. I happened to be at work at the time, and ended up having to move all the gym members into the locker rooms while the storm raged around us. It was pretty intense and a lot of people in town lost power but overall we were VERY lucky. Some of the surrounding towns however, weren’t as lucky. Peoria, Pekin and in particular Washington,IL were all hit really hard. A lot of people lost their homes, were injured, and some were even killed. They had their world turned upside down, and all from the storm. It’s heartbreaking to see what they are going through and know it was so close by.



Here’s a picture of a fraction of the damage that occured in Washington,IL   Source

I ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this terrible time and count your blessings because you never know what could happen. Today I am feeling very, very blessed. If you are looking for ways to help, here’s a website that talks about things you can do!!

Illinois tornado: How You Can Help




It’s starting to grow on me

I got to start my day off in the best way possible today! A nice run outside with my hubby!! It’s pretty rare to have his company on a run so I was really excited! I have to say for being someone who HATES the cold, these cold weather runs are starting to grow on me! It does help that I have the right gear to keep me from freezing, and I enjoy the calming clarity the cold air gives me.


After our easy 2 mile run we decided to do some yoga, which was pretty comical. Neither of us is very graceful so you can imagine how well it went. It was nice to get some stretching in though!

After the yoga I whipped us up a nice, healthy batch of protein pancakes! I love these because not only are they tasty, they are really healthy and deliver over 40 grams of protein per serving!! They are also ridiculously easy to make!

Protein Pancakes:

Mix together the following ingredients in a bowl: (Makes one giant pancake or two smaller ones)

-1 egg

-1/2 cup egg whites

-1 cap full vanilla

-4 drops liquid stevia or other sweetener 

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 scoop vanilla whey protein

-1/4 cup oat flour 

*Cook in a skillet on medium until the top of the pancake starts bubbling, then flip and cook the other side for a few minutes! I like to spread some PB2 and honey on top and devour!!! Yum 🙂 



Sorry, not the best picture, but I forgot to take one after I’d added my delicious toppings, I was really hungry and ate it too quickly to document 🙂

I also received something exciting in the mail today!!!!



My road ID!!!! I am sooo excited, isn’t is awesome?! So there’s a lot of different options as far as what you can put on your ID. I chose my name, birthdate, then put my husband chris as my emergency contact. I also included my allergy to amoxicillin, my blood type and the fact that I’m a donor. Then on the last line I just put my favorite running mantra that stems from a song my mom introduced me to that I really like! The plate can be put on different bands, so I bought a couple other colors to switch it out with just for fun! So far I really like it and I’m excited to have it!

In case you guys were wondering, I’m still doing well with my “eat a salad every day for lunch” plan. I thought I’d get sick of them but so far I’m loving it!! And it’s the best way I’ve found to get in loads of veggies!!




Speaking of healthy eating, I was going to post my meal plan for you guys but I did it in an excel spreadsheet and I am soo not tech savvy and therefore have no idea how to put it on here for you guys to see, since the only option I have it to upload a picture file, which it is not… But I’ll figure it out I promise (or end up just typing it on here if I have to).

Questions for you guys:

Do you like running outside in the cold? Or do you take to the treadmill during the winter months?

This is my first winter trying to do almost all my runs outside, but so far I love it!!

What do you do for safety during a run?

I used to carry my phone but now I hate having a lot of bulk and don’t use it for GPS anymore so I didn’t really have anything, which is why I got the road ID!!

What’s your favorite pancake topping?

Mine is strawberries and honey!!



Don’t go chasing snot waterfalls

Today’s workout: 3 miles @ 8:35 pace on some country roads; 15 minute strength circuit

I learned a valuable lesson today. Very valuable my friends. Never go on a cold weather run without a plan for the waterfall of snot that will start pouring out of your nose while you run. Because it will put you in the awkward situation of debating how and where to wipe that snot away, forcing you to decide whether to ruin your nice new running jacket sleeves or gloves. And then you will know that you wiped your snot there. And just think about it the whole run. Gross. And annoying. And because  I am SO not a “farmer blow, let it fly in the wind” kind of gal, I had to choose, so I chose the gloves, because I can easily throw them in the wash. Tissues will be brought along next time. Lesson learned.


On the plus side this was my view during my run today, and it made the cold wind and snot waterfall much more bearable. I really do love running outside, even in the cold! (Remind me of that when it’s 5 degrees out and I can’t feel my face…)

My run felt AWESOME today, especially considering I did the 8 miles on sunday and my legs were feeling pretty sore yesterday. I owe my quick recovery to my new compression sleeves, which I wore half the day yesterday.


Yeah those are my sexy calves, man they look giant in this picture….

I also got a chance to try out my new brooks glycerin 11’s that I mentioned in my last post. Those things are amazing, it really felt like I was running on pillows. So awesome. I think I need another pair. In purple, which is not a color option, so Brooks you should get on that asap thanks!

So I have decided I could eat salad with fruit in it everyday. Seriously. It’s my favorite! If only fruit weren’t so expensive this time of year….I may just have to get creative with what fruits go in there…for example when I went grocery shopping this week my store didn’t have any strawberries. A serious travesty. So after drying my tears I looked for what else I could throw in there and decided mandarin oranges would pair well with the blueberries. They did. It was Delicious.


I also made a clean and simple chinese chicken stir fry for dinner tonight. It was very flavorful but quick and easy, which are all things I love in a good recipe! I really do like cooking, and it feels so good knowing exactly what’s in my food and the effort that went into it.

Tomorrow is a long day for me, I’m not a big fan of Wednesdays. I have to work at the gym at 4:00am, then get my run in (4×1600 repeats @ 7:22 pace) then I have to go teach at the university, then help coach the college athletes at my strength and conditioning internship. So I’ll be home until around 7:00pm. Thank goodness for leftovers! 🙂

Questions for you:

How do you handle a runny nose during your run? Any good tips?

Obviously I just wipe it wherever I can without having to look at it or think about it…awesome strategy really.

What’s your favorite salad combination?

Mine is chicken with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, walnuts and raspberry dressing. YUM!

What’s your least favorite day of the week and why?

Wednesdays for sure. They are just so long for me and I still have a few days left in the work week so it feels a bit discouraging. Boo hump day I don’t like you!

My garmin is pushing up daisies

Well I’ve officially finished my first week back running. Here’s a recap of the week:

Mon: AM: Easy 2 mile run @ 9:30 pace on treadmill

PM: Teach spin class

Tues: Cross training on elliptical for 60 minutes; 15 min body weight circuit

Wed: AM: 5 miles tempo run-Warm up and cool down @ 9:30 pace on treadmill; 3 miles @ 8:35 pace

PM: Teach spin class

Thurs: Easy 2 mile run @ 9:30 pace on track; 40 minutes on AMT; 10 min body weight circuit

Fri: AM: Cross training on stair stepper and AMT total of 60 minutes

PM: Teach spin class

Sat: Complete and total rest day full of laziness and watching Dexter!!! (I was supposed to do my long run this day but I decided to move it to Sunday

Sun: 8 mile long run @ 9:30 pace on trail-This felt surprisingly good, although my lower leg is a bit sore today…

So that was my week! Very happy with my first training week and how I’m feeling! Now I just need to make sure I do LOTS of stretching and foam rolling to avoid ANY sort of injury!!!

In other news, I got all sorts of goodies to help prepare me for running outside this winter!!!!


This is my brook’s running jacket, running tights, gloves, headband and base layer long sleeve shirt. Bring it on cold weather!!


And these are my BEAUTIFUL brooks glycerin’s…in pink of course. I will have no problem being seen this winter, that’s for sure!!!

I finally caved and got some compression sleeves as well, of course in pink 🙂 I had never used these before and didn’t feel I needed them but after talking to lots of people that swear by them I decided to give them a try. I have been wearing them today to help my calves recover from my 8 miler yesterday and I have to say they feel good!


I also finally ordered myself a road ID, because I was tired of hearing my husband lecture me on how me running long distances on country roads by myself without my phone isn’t the best idea…yeah sure whatever…but really he has a good point, so I got myself one of these and they look awesome! I will let you guys know how it is once it arrives!!


On a sad note, I’m pretty sure my garmin 210 is headed toward the light…it keeps randomly shutting off on me even when fully charged and takes FOREVER to pick up the gps signal… 😦

On a happy note, that means I’ll have** to get the new garmin 220, which I’ve read has some pretty cool features and come in purple!!!! Once I get it I’ll let you guys know what I think of it!

So along with getting back into running I’ve decided to focus in on my eating, for multiple reasons. I haven’t been eating the best the last few weeks, and sometimes I think it’s ok to take a break from my healthy eating, but it’s time to get back on the bandwagon! So I must say goodbye to this:


And hello to this:



I even took some time to write myself out a meal plan, even breaking down my calories into what macronutrients I need and how much to get at each meal. It’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I’ll post it for you guys later this week!

Well I’m off to teach some spin, here’s to hoping my knees and legs feel A-okay and I can get in my scheduled 3 miles for today as well!!!

Questions for you:

Do you use a garmin for your runs? If so, which one?

What’s your favorite piece of winter running gear?

This is my first time running outside in the winter so I’m not sure yet, but I have a feeling I will be very glad to have my gloves and headband when it gets really chilly!

What’s your favorite thing to do after a long run?

I like to take a bath with some epsom salts for my muscles, then get in my pjs and chill on the couch while catching up on the shows I missed throughout the week!


I’m Back!!!

Where to start…? So as you guys probably know, I have been sporadically blogging under my other blog redheadgoneprimal for awhile now. Basically once I got into crossfit more seriously I wasn’t running anymore so this blog didn’t seem fitting, so I made readheadgoneprimal. However, due to some health issues, I’m not going to be crossfitting for possibly awhile but I am allowed to run, so I’m Back!!! 🙂 I hope you guys will stick with me through the changes and chaos that are my life!!! 🙂 I will be sharing the adventures of my first winter running outdoors with you guys, which should be interesting! As well as what it’s like to go from crossfit (heavy strength and conditioning training) back to long distance running. It will definitely be an adventure!