Cycling to N’sync and a 215 lb deadlift

So I mentioned the other night I’ve been teaching cycling (aka Spin) class as an undergraduate course at my university. These kids seriously get credit for working out!! Sweet!

Well I have to tell you, I’m loving it! It’s fast paced, challenging and sweaty which are all the things i love most 🙂

Yesterday I created a workout for the class that was pretty tough and everyone seemed to enjoy so I thought I’d share it with you! (Lucky!)

N’sync with the music Spin Workout (Yes it is an N’sync themed workout by the way! I stumbled upon some old N’sync songs and just couldn’t resist creating a spin playlist out of it!!)

1. Gone- Warm-up and stretch

2. Bye Bye Bye-Fast spin for 90 seconds, fast out-of-seat climb for 90 seconds, fast spin/sprint until the end

3. Here we go- 2 minute in-seat climb (slowly continue to add resistance); finish with an out-of-seat climb

4. The Game is Over- Fast spin- This is your race pace speed people!!

5. Tearin’ up My Heart- Slow-it-down and perform a seated climb at high tension with increasing tension every 30 seconds

6. Pop-Fast spin with sprints at the chorus and end of song

7. It makes me Ill-Seated climb with increasing tension(gears) every 30 seconds for first 2 minutes, finish the song out of the seat and continue to increase the tension

8. You got it- Keep the tension on from the last song(it will be HIGH-around 16-18) and sit down in your seat and push those legs for 90 seconds. Stand up out of your seat for standing climb and continue to increase tension every 45 seconds.

9. Up against the wall- Fast spin (recovery for those tired legs!)

10. See right through you- Standing sprint for 1 minute, increase tension and grind it out for 30 seconds, sprint for 1 minute, increase tension and grind it out until the end of the song

11. Crazy for you- Slow, in-seat climb with increasing tension every 45 seconds, sprint at the end

12. (God must Have spent) A little more time on you- Cool down and stretching! You made it!!

This workout had us all sweating buckets and kicked our heart rates up really high! You will easily burn 400-500+ calories with this workout! The best part is it’s fast paced and fun so you’ll be done before you know it! Give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂

In other news….Crossfit’s still kicking my butt! (Although I’m also starting to kick it’s butt, so booya!)

I PR’d yesterday with a 215 lb deadlift (woot woot!) and am starting to improve on my cleans/snatches/thrusters. I also finally did double unders (getting the jump rope under your feet twice before you touch the ground) consecutively today!

Here’s my whip marks from the evil jump rope! We ended up doing 150 double unders plus MORE in the cash out!! Yowzas!

My pull ups are also improving and I am starting to get the hang of the “kip” motion which helps immensely when trying to do, say, 50 pull ups in a row! So overall I’m feeling great and loving it!

Here’s a snapshot of one section of our “box”! It’s becoming a second home to me!

I can’t even describe to you the amazing feeling you have when you push yourself to your limits and give everything you’ve got during a WOD.

 Yes, these are my sweat marks from lying on the floor after today’s WOD and cash out…’s a thing of beauty people!

Well now that I’ve started my day off the right way (with substantial amounts of sweat) it’s time to go teach some kids about CPR and First Aid! I’m creating future life savers here folks, it’s an important job! 🙂

Questions for you:

-Have you ever taken a cycling/spin class?

-N’sync or Backstreet Boys? (Is that even really a question?!)

-Do you ever get whipped with the jump rope?


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