Frustration with food

So let’s talk about something I have been struggling with REALLY badly for the last few days, or maybe even weeks…?

FOOD…it is killing me. I don’t know what my problem is but lately my self-control is non-existent. I have been craving sweets like nobody’s business and I have a DISDAIN for any kind of vegetable (seriously, the sight of a salad makes me want to barf)…WHAT IS GOING ON?!

*I was going to post a bunch of pictures of food that I’ve been craving, but decided that would be counter-productive given the fact that I’m trying to get away from the stuff!

While I don’t share everything with you guys, I try hard to keep it real and let you guys know what’s going on in my life because I think you can relate and it’s nice to know others struggle with the same stuff you do. So this is my struggle right now.

It’s especially hard for me because I normally have good self-control and am able to easily turn down food I know isn’t beneficial to my body or performance. But lately….it’s just been such a STRUGGLE. The worst part is every time I give into one of my cravings I am so mad at myself later because I know I should have been strong and resisted. I know the junk I end up eating is in NO WAY going to fuel my body or make me feel good. Not to mention I have one of those bodies that is very sensitive to unhealthy eating and I get bloated and gain weight VERY quickly when I eat bad.

No joke-I can easily gain 5 pounds in a week if I start slipping on my eating. That’s just how my body is! So it’s really important that I keep myself in check! More importantly, when I eat crappy I start to feel crappy, both physically and emotionally. Physically my workouts suffer and I don’t have the energy I should. Emotionally I start to get down on myself and my appearance, which is not cool!

So….what’s the point of this post? I’m not really sure, I think I’m just sort of venting and sharing my frustrations with you guys because I want you to know I go through this stuff too!!! As a trainer and fitness educator I always strive to be the example and live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy!! The important thing to remember is that we’re all human and we all make mistakes! What matters is that when we fall, we get back up and keep on going!

That’s why my plan from here on out is to start fresh and just do my best to stay on track! I am going to back off of the paleo for now because it seems like when I jump right into something and restrict lots of things, I end up freaking out and craving everything I can’t have! So I think I’m going to go back to a clean eating approach: lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, healthy fats and good carbs! I’m going to AVOID-junk food, take out, processed crap, etc and try my best to eat wholesome foods that I know will do my body good! I’m going to try to get back to eating 5-6 small meals a day because I know my body does better with that schedule and it helps speed up my metabolism. I’m going to be open to the fact that sometimes I will slip up, but do my best to keep that to a minimum and stick to my healthy eating as much as possible!

I’m going to attack cravings by simply listening to what my body really needs. Craving sugar? Eat some fruit! Craving something savory or salty? Have some peanut butter/nuts or some eggs with veggies…and so on! I know if I set my mind to it I can do this and get my body and mind back to where they need to be! I hope if you are struggling with this right now you will get on board with me and we can do it together!

Sorry this post wasn’t as exciting as my normal posts! Later this week I will recap you on my awesome week spent with my ADORABLE little nephew and both my sisters and brother-in-law! Fun times!!

Questions for you:

-What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

Ice cream of course! And lately burgers…which is weird…

-Do you believe in “dieting”? Are you a calorie counter?

I think dieting is terrible and it never works long term. You need to create a lifestyle change you can actually stick with, which is what I’m striving to do! I also HATE counting calories, but I know it works for some people and that’s great! I prefer to just eat healthy and watch my portions

-How do you keep yourself on track when it comes to healthy eating?



6 thoughts on “Frustration with food

  1. Oh my goodness, it is like I wrote that post myself. I don’t really have any help for you, but I definitely know what you are going through. I used to only eat treats on the weekend. Now if I don’t have a treat everyday I might go crazy.

  2. That is such a great post. It is so true, and something everyone can relate to. I have a starter “kit” for paleo that I would love to share with you, it is what got me really pointed in that direction and makes the change a little more gradual which made it more bearable.

  3. Hey Jenna it’s Katie (Abby’s sister)! I just did a Google search for your blog because my mom mentioned you (finally) started one, and it came right up. I started a “new healthy eating lifestyle” on Sunday; I need some recipe help from you. Hope to see you soon!

  4. I actually am a calorie counter and my recovery depends on it. I unfortunately have struggled with an eating disorder, but I am in the process of recovery and I eat about 3,000 calories a day. Many people are SHOCKED when they hear how much I eat, but I LOVE to be active so it allows me to maintain my healthy weight! 🙂

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