Hello George Foreman, I might be allergic to seafood?

Today was bittersweet for me. I had my last day at my internship, which turned out to be only a few minutes long because I showed up to work and found out my supervisor took the day off for a wedding he has this weekend, but he forgot to tell me! Oh well it worked out because I got to see all my co-workers for the last time 😦 Well not really the last time because I definitely plan to visit! Anyhoo….they gave me a super sweet card and this AWESOME gift!

See a while back I was talking with one of my favorite ladies, Annette, who works at the rehab center and we were talking about cooking meat and she said she likes to use her George Foreman, and I said oh man I’ve always wanted one of those! She couldn’t believe I didn’t have one so……that’s where the awesome farewell gift comes in! 🙂 I am definitely going to miss everyone there and I had an awesome experience, but I know it’s time to move on to the next chapter in my life….Grad School!!!! AAaaah (Yes I’m having a minor freak out just thinking about being a GA in GRAD school….but it’s all good)

So on another note….I think I might possibly be allergic to seafood or something? Yeah I’m not totally sure but I ate this salad for dinner:

Looks awesome right? Yeah I thought so too! It has crab, shrimp, bacon and mango and it was YUMMY! However… a few minutes after I ate this I started getting itchy…and then a little while after that my stomach was hurting and I felt really nauseous…..then when I got home my throat felt like it was closing up and I was having some trouble breathing 😦 I mean we aren’t talking full-out anaphylactic shock or anything, but there was definitely something up! Not cool man….but I can’t pinpoint what it was for sure…so it’s a mystery for now.


So today was a cross training day for me since I am sticking to my plan of running every other day (my knees are thanking me for that)! I decided to do some intervals on the spin bike followed by some steady state cardio on the elliptical. It was a nice workout and gave me a chance to catch up on my new Nicholas Sparks book that I bought on my kindle fire, The Lucky One. I’m not very far in yet but I’m already pretty hooked! I didn’t do any strength training in anticipation of my baseline testing for cross fit tomorrow! I want to perform at my best so I am saving my strength and energy!

Even though I didn’t run today I made sure to spend a good amount of time with my new BFF, the Foam Roller (I need to come up with a better name for it, any suggestions?)

Yeah….we are definitely getting pretty close! Move over hubby…foamy(lame name but it works for now?) and I may need our own space on the bed! 🙂

Now I am icing my knees as I type this! I am super committed to doing whatever I need to do to make sure I don’t get injured this time around!! Smart training=happy, healthy body=happy Jenna!

Now I’m off to bed! I need to rest up because I have a big day tomorrow! I have my Cross Fit Baseline testing in the morning (SO stoked but a tinsy bit nervous as well! eek!!) and then my good friends wedding!! I am so excited for her, she is such a sweet girl and she’s marrying an awesome guy! I’m also excited to slow dance with the hubs 🙂 Yeah….I’m that lame!!! I’ll fill you in on all the details later! Night all!


Questions for you:

-Do you ever name inanimate objects? Or is it just me…..

I named my kindle Kinny (so original I know) and my husband’s iPad Patty…I”m sure I’ve named other things as well!

-Do you have any food allergies?

-Do you own a george foreman? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook on it?






One thought on “Hello George Foreman, I might be allergic to seafood?

  1. I have a confirmed allergy to shellfish, and I understand it is a pretty common one. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are allergic to all seafood. In can still eat regular fish.

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