New Workout Gear and My Current Coconut Kale Obsession

Can I just say I seriously have the best mom/best friend a girl could ever ask for?? I love hanging out with her, she’s always so sweet and fun and patient with me! She knows me better than anyone and we just have such a great time together! And I’m not just saying this because she bought me new workout gear today…that’s just icing on the cake!:-)

These beauties are my new Nike Free Runner 3’s!! I am so excited because I have been wanting these for AWHILE now! Since I’m not running much anymore and am focusing more on weight lifting and other cross training I have been wanting some good light weight, flexible, yet supportive shoes. These definitely fit the bill! I had heard lots of good things about them and as soon as I put them on I understood why! These babies felt AMAZING. They are so light weight yet my feet still feel like they are getting the support they need, so I’m a happy girl! I was also excited to finally have some purple shoes! And since you know I love to match my workout clothes, purple shoes meant…..

Purple workout clothes!!! OK so this bra doesn’t look purple, but trust me IT IS. I just need a better camera than my iPhone 🙂 And these pants have both purple and pink, so they will match my shoes perfectly! 🙂 The most amazing part about these workout clothes is their price! We found these babies at JCPenny of all places! The pants were only $10!! Crazy! And they are actually a very nice material and they don’t feel cheap at all! And then there’s the bra. OH man, that bra! I was SOOO excited when I saw it because it looks JUST like this Lululemon bra I have been DYING to have for like….ever now but it was too expensive so I have put off getting it! But this baby was only $14 and is a spitting image of the lulu one, plus it feels very supportive and comfortable! SCORE! We also saw that sweet workout top and loved the multi-colors and cool back, and since it was also only $10 (CRAZY!) we decided to get it as well!

Cute right? And I think I could totally pull it off with my new shoes! Now I can’t wait for strong class to break in all my new gear! 🙂

In other news, I was supposed to spend the rest of my Sunday cleaning, but decided to watch the olympics instead! Very productive of me…:-) As I watched I chowed down on my latest obsession…..COCONUT KALE! So let me tell you…this stuff is awesome! I have never ever liked kale, not even a little bit, no matter what I’ve put it in or how I’ve cooked it. I’ve tried eating it in salads, that was a NEGATIVE. I’ve tried scrambling it in my eggs, and that wasn’t too great either. So finally I decided to try sautéing it in some coconut oil. BEST DECISION EVER. It is sooooo good! I like the crispness it gets from the oil and the subtle coconut flavor goes very well with the kale! I also like to add in some garlic, and sometimes even throw in some cashews! The crunch from the nuts adds some nice texture to the dish!


So lately I’ve been making this coconut kale and then scrambling up some eggs with meat and throwing it on top/next to the kale and voila! A complete healthy and low carb friendly dinner! This type of meal fits in perfectly with my low carb/ higher protein and fat paleo-ish “diet” I’ve been following. I hate the word diet, but whatever.

I also did some more “baking” yesterday, although there wasn’t really any actual baking involved, but you know what I mean. I tried out a super simple and healthy dessert! It turned out great and I will definitely be sharing it with you guys soon! (And don’t worry this one isn’t another protein bar recipe! lol)

So that was my Sunday, now it’s time to get through my internship so I can teach strong class in my snazzy new workout gear! 🙂


Questions for you:

-What’s your favorite brand of workout gear?

I love so many, but probably under armor and Lululemon for clothes and nike for shoes!

-What workout shoes are you currently rocking?

I was wearing my mizuno’s and nike free TRs, but now it’s all about the new Nike Free Runners!

-Are you watching the Olympic Games? If so, what’s your favorite event?

I love the diving and gymnastics because I used to do both of those so it brings back good memories 🙂






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