Batman Marathon and Cheat Meals

Who’s idea was it to watch all 3 Batman movies back to back which resulted in me being up until 3:30 am therefore sleeping in until noon causing me to miss out on half the day and feel like a slacker?! Oh yeah…that was the hubs who convinced me it would be an awesome idea… I can’t be mad at him though because it was a pretty sweet night and getting to see all 3 movies back to back was definitely the way to go! It made the final movie that much better! Image

Here’s my sweet VIP Pass that proved my dorkiness awesomeness! It also gave us 25% off all concession items which was pretty much the bomb! Let’s just say I definitely took advantage of that deal. I didn’t feel guilty though because I ate very clean all week and new this night was coming so I already planned for it to be my cheat meal. As I’ve mentioned before I really think cheat meals are an important thing to have, especially if you are eating very clean. They are not only good for your sanity and hunger cravings, they are good for your soul and even your body. Many studies have shown having a cheat meal where you are eating things (in moderation of course) you don’t usually consume can actually help speed up your metabolism because it makes your body work harder to burn this “new” food. Phones weren’t allowed in the theater so I didn’t get any pics of my cheat food but I definitely indulged in some popcorn(no butter though, ew), twizzlers(my favorite candy), and even a little ice cream!! Crazy I know, but definitely good!

Earlier that day I met up with my mom for lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, Kelly’s Bakery for some fresh, healthy food.


We both ended up getting the chicken salad in a tomato and homemade chill and it was SOOOO good! I love Kelly’s because they use local produce and meat and make everything from scratch!! I love knowing my food came from a safe place and i’m also helping out my community! We also decided to be a little bad and share one of the amazing baked goods! We ended up getting the kit kat brownie and it was yummy!


Ooh yeah that was definitely some chocolatey goodness!

So that was my Thursday! It was so nice to have the day off from my internship and get some stuff done around the house and then of course getting to see the new batman movie was amazing as well! If you haven’t already seen it you should definitely go! I really liked it and there are some good twists that you don’t see coming! (* Side note: Please keep the families/friends of those involved/impacted by the Colorado movie theater shooting in your thoughts and prayers. This is such a sad and tragic event and I can’t imagine what they are all going through. It reminds us that every day is a gift and we need to embrace every moment we are given)

Well I’m headed to bed now so I can get up nice and early to head to the FARMER’S MARKET!!! I am so excited to go to this because I was never able to when I had to work but now that I don’t work weekends (woot woot) I finally get to go! I’m hoping to find some good fruit and veggies but I know the weather has been rough so we will have to see!


My workout today was a really tough owed body workout! I did a lot of isometric moves that made me feel the burn!! I will post the workout for you to try tomorrow!

Questions for you:

-Did you go see the Dark Knight Rises? If so what did you think?

– Do you like to get popcorn when you go to the movie, or something else?

-Have you ever been to  movie marathon? If so, which one?


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