Monday Blues and Lululemon Review

Man today was definitely a Monday! I was just in a funky craptastic mood today! It’s not like anything specific happened to make me that way but for some reason Monday and I just weren’t meshing today. Part of my moody blues may have been due to the fact that I went to bed not feeling so great last night. I just felt kind of light headed and funny when I went to bed last night and that feeling continued all day today. 😦 The other part of why I think today was kind of blah might be due to the fact that I am into my 10th week at my 40 hour a week, unpaid internship and while I love it, I am getting a bit worn out. It’s been a really great experience and I’ve learned so much but I think I am just ready to be done and move onto the next phase in my life… Grad School!!!

One good thing about today was that it reminded me how important it is to have a positive attitude and always try to look at the bright side. Half way through the day I got to thinking…I could keep being in this bad mood and let it bring me down and ruin my whole day OR I could decide to stay positive and put a smile on my face. It is seriously amazing how just faking you are happy can REALLY make you happy. Try it if you don’t believe me! Your thoughts are SUCH a powerful tool and they can really make a difference in how your day goes.

Okay so enough of the negative stuff! On to the rest of my day! Lunch today was the cottage cheese stuffed chicken that I talked about in a previous post here: Healthy Cheesy Stuffed Chicken I actually made a bunch the other night so all I had to do today was throw it in the microwave! Quick and Yummy!Imagect

After my internship I taught my normal strong class. We were back to our dumbbell routine and it was a really good workout! I love teaching that class!! Then because I’m CRAZY I went home and did my own Upper Body Workout followed by 10 minutes of interval skipping. Man, I gotta say my workout today was TOUGH mostly because I already worked my upper body some in strong so I was already a bit fatigued. I also think it was harder because of my body being in a funky mood! BUT I didn’t let that stop me and I pushed through until the very end because I knew that’s what my body needed! And guess what?! I felt soooo good afterwards!


So I told you guys that I bought some Lululemon clothes and I was going to review them for you after I had worn them…well…I wore them today for both my strong class and my own upper body workout later. Here’s the awesome top, it’s the NO Limits Tank. It’s all one shirt, the sports bra is built in but it’s loose fitting and super silky soft. So far I can say I LOVE this top for teaching my classes. It was airy and comfortable and unlike some of my other tops I’ve worn to teach in it didn’t ride up or move around while I was teaching which was a MAJOR plus! However, as much as I love this shirt I did realize during my own more intense workout that I think I needed a smaller size because the band at the bottom wasn’t very tight and the shirt flew up when I was doing things such as mountain climbers, which was pretty annoying. So for now I think the top IS worth the money but you need to make sure you get the right size!!


This is a pretty crummy picture so I apologize but these are my lulu pants! These are the Wandering Yogi Pants. I loved the cute pink and black polka dot design on them!


I also liked that these pants have adjustable draw strings so you can change the length of the pants depending on what you are doing, the weather, etc. So as far as these pants are concerned…I LOVE THEM! Holy cow they are awesome. I mean I know they are just pants but trust me they are NOT just pants…they are sooo soft and comfortable and a big thing for me is the waist isn’t too loose or too tight they fit just right and they don’t move around while I”m working out. Obviously I still need to wear them a few more times before I know for sure but my initial reaction is they are the BOMB! I am definitely going to start a Lululemon piggy bank where I start putting money aside so I can get more awesome Lululemon gear!! (Family/Friends this is also a hint that for any special occasion requiring gifts a Lululemon gift card would PROBABLY be a good idea 😉 just saying…)

*I am NOT affiliated with Lululemon in any way and they of course didn’t pay me or give me free stuff (I wish!) or anything like that. I just thought you guys might want to know if these clothes are really worth the money! My verdict is YES!

So after my workout I was pretty wiped and since the Hubs is working late I didn’t really feel like cooking so I whipped up a quick and easy healthy dinner. All that’s in this is a frozen spicy black bean burger that I threw in the microwave mixed with some green giant steamed veggies. Super quick but still healthy and very good. So this just goes to show that being busy or tired is NO EXCUSE to not eat healthy!!!!


Of course my day wouldn’t be complete without my newest ritual of having my “dessert”. I decided to make a bigger batch of this stuff to see if it would keep in the fridge and OOOH MAN it was EVEN better after sitting in the fridge for a day! I can’t believe this stuff is HEALTHY and I am so glad I finally found a way to eat my casein protein!!


Yeah…I know it doesn’t look like the most appetizing thing in the world but TRUST me it is SO good!!!

I ate this lovely dessert while watching one of my favorite shows, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition on Hulu. I LOVE this show…and not just because of the host…Image

Oh Chris Powell…(don’t worry hubby his six pack abs of steel aren’t THAT great…;-) but in all seriousness this man is AWESOME and is changing SO many lives. It is clear he truly cares about the people he works with and wants to make their life better. I like this show a lot better than the biggest loser because it’s much more realistic and he seems to go about things the right way. If you haven’t seen it you should definitely watch it! Right now! Ready…go! Oh I mean after you finish reading this blog of course!!

So that was my monday! I hope you all had a good start to your week and I’ll talk to you soon!

Questions For You:

-Have you had a day recently where you just felt like you were in a funk? How did you deal with it?

-What’s your go-to meal when you are feeling lazy and don’t want to cook?

-Do you own any Lululemon clothes? If so what do you think of them?


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