Free to party on the weekends and my hate for cottage cheese

Today was a very momentous occasion for me! No…it wasn’t my birthday or an anniversary or anything like that, it was something far more exciting (okay maybe not..but it doesn’t take much to get me excited okay?) Today was officially my last day as Manager On Duty at the fitness club! Now don’t worry, I’m not leaving the club or anything like that. I’m just devoting more of my time to what I love, which is the personal training and fitness instructing! So one exciting thing is that I will have a little more free time!! BUT the MOST exciting thing is…….

I WILL HAVE MY WEEKENDS OFF!!!! That’s right folks, for the first time in a bajillion years I won’t have to work weekends!!! I am soooo stoked about this I can’t even tell you…I will finally be able to catch up on things and get lots of things done that I’ve been meaning to do for like….a long time! My house is embarrassingly neglected and is in desperate need of some love! Plus the hubs and I are actually trying to get our house on the market by this fall so we have a lot of little projects we need to get done! AND another great thing about not working weekends is if I want to go away for the weekend I won’t have to worry about requesting off or getting subs, I can just go!!!! Ooh so many adventures are in store!!! 🙂

So since today was my last day as MOD, I had to document the occasion with my favorite foreigner and front desk employee!

The A-team at it’s best!!! I love this girl and working with her makes the shift fly by!! I’m definitely going to miss working with her BUT that just means we will have to hang out lots outside of work!!!

We love to read our Nicholas Sparks during slow times! He never lets me down!!

Goodbye set of a million different keys that I could never keep straight and opened every door in the place including ones I probably never even knew about!! And my loyal walkie-talkie that I carried around mostly to look important but sometimes to actually communicate with my employees…that is when it actually worked which was almost never! I definitely had some good times as MOD but I am excited to start the next phase and put all my focus into being the best trainer and fitness instructor I can be!!!! 🙂

P.S. Am I the only one that just can’t seem to like cottage cheese no matter what I add in? My latest concoction was cottage cheese mixed with some grapes. I thought adding the grapes would mask the taste of the cottage cheese but it didn’t really help and I still felt like gagging the whole time 😦 I know it’s good for me but I just can’t seem to find a yummy way to eat the stuff….Suggestions????

Yeah doesn’t look very appetizing does it? I can’t believe I even ate that……yuck


Today’s workout was for the lower body so I did a circuit that consisted of 6 different exercises focused on the lower body. I did 10 seconds rest followed by 50 seconds work for 18 rounds which means I did the circuit 3 times through.

Bootylicious workout:

1) Jump Lunges with medicine ball overhead

2) Side plank leg lifts(rotating sides)

3)Jump Lunges with medicine ball overhead

4) Twisting Mountain climber push ups

5) Jump Lunges with medicine ball overhead

6) Reverse row with pelvic bridge lift

After this I did some ab work and I must say this was definitely a good workout! My legs were BURNING so bad especially during those jump lunges they were KILLER!! I must say I am REALLY enjoying rotating between upper and lower body focused circuits because it is allowing me to push harder and put more focus on specific muscles. It also allows my muscles more time to rest and recover which is VERY important! Before when I was doing strength/circuit training I was training 5-6 days a week doing full body every day and I wasn’t seeing much progress. I realize now it’s because I wasn’t allowing my body a change to recover and the muscles time to rebuild. I was overtraining my body and actually harming myself in the long run! After just a few weeks of doing this split training I am already seeing results and really love how I am feeling!!!

This is me covered in sweat after a workout, but clearly very happy about it!!

Alright well that’s all for now! I am headed to bed and I don’t have to wake up super early tomorrow because I don’t work!!! WOOHOO Plus I finally get to start going to sunday morning church again which I am very excited about! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

Questions for you:

-Do you have to work weekends? If not how do you spend yours?

-Is there a food you know is good for you but just can’t stand to eat?

-How do you like to eat your cottage cheese?


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