MIA and Catching up on lost time

Oh where to begin? I’m so sorry my friends. I have been a very bad blogger as of late 😦 As I’m sure you’ve noticed I kind of fell off the face of the earth after my post about being really busy and needing to put my race training on hold. Well here’s the long and short of it(more long than short but I’ll try to condense it here..) I have just been so INSANELY busy and I’ve been OVER committing myself like you wouldn’t believe. I just started training and keep taking on more and more clients plus I still have my 40 hour a week internship AND I also teach classes at the gym PLUS I have been shift supervising at the gym as well….and it’s just been so so much. Unfortunately something had to give and since blogging was a newer endeavor as well as one of the few things I COULD cut out, it just had to go for a while. BUT I have missed you all SO much so I am BACK! Now I’m not going to promise I’ll blog every day, that just isn’t going to happen (kind of like Rain isn’t happening here in Blo-No…) BUT I am going to try really hard to keep you all updated on my life as well as share lots of fun workouts, clean eats and other fun adventures.

So now…..to catch you up on what you have been missing in my life lately… I am just going to post random pictures from the past few weeks!! Let’s try to categorize this to make it less of a chaotic mess shall we?


Yummy salad with some chicken and fresh fruit….I’ve been having LOTS of salads lately. I know I promised this before but I AM going to post my meal plan for you all that I have been following lately and I’m definitely seeing some good results from!

Yummy sweet potato! I have been having one of these with my salads, and they are a great way to get the carbs my body needs while also getting lots of other important nutrients!

Yeah….so this is a NOT so healthy food item. BUT I really believe in the importance of a cheat meal once a week to keep your mind sane, and also keep your body guessing and working hard! So these beauties are some corn fritters I enjoyed on my hubbies birthday! 🙂 Soo good! And no guilt here because I knew I had earned them by eating clean the rest of the week!

Oh man this was an AMAZING egg creation I made for dinner one night. That’s right folks, eggs are NOT just a breakfast food! This concoction has 1 whole egg plus 1/2 cup egg whites mixed with mushrooms, kale, tomatoes, shredded chicken and get this, COTTAGE CHEESE! Sounds crazy right? WRONG(well right, because it does sound crazy, but it’s not!) This thing was amazing and if you don’ t believe me then you will just have to try it and if you do believe me, well try it anyway!

This lovely is some Cedar Plank Salmon with asparagus and grilled tomatoes! And get this, they really put it on a cedar plank….maybe it’s just my uncultured self but I didn’t know the name was so literal! Either way it was delicious and it just goes to show you CAN eat healthy when you go out!

SLUDGE!!! So this is my latest discovery and oh man it’s a life changer! So since I am focusing more on weight training/building up my strength/imaginary six pack I have been using protein powder more. At night it is best to use a certain kind of protein called Casein, because it is slower digesting and will work all night long to help your muscles recover, which is pretty nifty. BUT casein protein powder, unlike my normal whey, tastes nasty. There’s no getting around it, it just is what it is! So until now I haven’t been able to get myself to eat it. BUT then I was reading through Savannah’s blog muffintopless and I saw she had this awesome recipe that uses casein protein powder and some other simple ingredients to make what she calls sludge. It kind of tastes like chocolate peanut butter mousse to me, but without all the fat and sugar and CALORIES! AWESOME!!!!!

Protein Loaded Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

*Adapted from Muffintopless

-1 scoop chocolate casein protein powder( I use Optimal Nutrition)

-2 Tablespoons PB2(This is a powdered peanut butter that has less fat and calories than the original!)

-2 Tablespoons dark unsweetened cocoa powder

-1 tablespoon cocoa nibs (unsweetened)

-2 Tablespoons xylitol sweetener (this is my favorite sweetener to use because it is from nature and also doesn’t have that weird aftertaste that most artificial sweeteners do)

approximately 6-7 tablespoons water(added slowly)

To make: Mix everything except the water together in a standing mixer. Slowly add the water 1 tablespoon at a time until you get a thick mousse like consistency. Once it is at the desired thickness (this is really up to you!)stick the container (uncovered) in the freezer for about 20 minutes. EAT! And be amazed at the fact that such a healthy awesome night-time treat could taste so GOOD and help your muscles grow at the same time!

*I’m feeling too lazy to figure out the caloric breakdown for this tonight, so I will do it later and let you all know! But I’m not a big calorie counter anyway, and I wasn’t too worried about it because all the ingredients are healthy!


So as I said in my last post(weeks ago now) I am no longer training for a race, in fact I haven’t ran barely at all in weeks now. Amazingly I’m okay with this! I have been focusing instead on Full Body Functional Movements and Strength Training mixed together and used in circuits, or metabolic training! It’s super fun, challenging and an awesome workout!

Here’s what I look like after one of these crazy awesome workouts….WIPED OUT! But it’s such a great feeling!

Here I am doing some bridges on my UGI ball! My mom decided to stop by while I was working out and take some action shots! She’s such a talented amazing lady!

I record all of my reps/sets/times for my workouts in my cute little pink notebook. That way I can track my progress and go back to an old workout to challenge myself if I want! It’s a really great way to see how you are progressing as you grow stronger!

Besides my own workouts, which I PROMISE I will post more about later, I am also teaching bootcamps and my strong class still!

Here I am getting ready to rock my strong class! I really enjoy this class and it has been growing every week! I am really hoping I will get a few more of these classes next session!!

So that’s a bit of what you’ve missed these past few weeks! I am going to try REALLY hard to not neglect you all again and post more consistently! But it’s getting pretty late and I have ONE MORE manager on duty shift (well actually two because it’s a double but it will be my last day) to work tomorrow morning from 4am-3pm and then I will be DONE MODing and DONE working on the weekends! I am sooo pumped! I haven’t had weekends off since….welll probably since I was in junior high or something crazy like that!

P.S. I FINALLY caved and ordered some Lululemon workout clothes! I have been dying to do this for some time now but hesitated because of the cost. My coworker finally convinced me to try them out so I ordered a shirt and pants and I will be reviewing them on the blog soon to let you all know what I think!!

Questions for you:

Do you use protein powder? If so what’s your favorite brand/flavor?

What kind of workout are you doing right now?

What’s your favorite cheat meal?


5 thoughts on “MIA and Catching up on lost time

  1. I love reading your blog!!!

    1. Syntha6 protein (big red jug). Either chocolate or vanilla ice cream flavor
    2. Running as always, mixed with some more cross training, biking and weights to prevent injury
    3. Eats: my healthy ones ateanything on the grill, and really onto doing stuff on planks. PS, was that salmon from desthil? If so, I LOVE that dish… The asparagus and tomatoes are so yummy. Also, my cheat is homemade ice cream- we got an ice cream maker for our wedding and just now rediscovered it- SO much better than store bought! Keep posting love!

  2. Thanks Kim!! 🙂 I have never tried syntha6 so I may have to give that one a try!! And yes that salmon was from desthil! It was soo good! I am soo jealous of your ice cream maker I would love to have one of those! so many amazing ice cream treats you could make!!

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  5. Jenna, I took your strong class for the first time on Monday and I had a GREAT time. I will be making it a part of my Monday plans each week. I hope you didnt mind me standing in the front and center, I like to be able to see the teacher and so that the teacher can show me if I am doing anything wrong! Next time in Class, I will introduce myself! 🙂

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