Happy Birthday To Me!

So sorry for not posting friends! I am starting to realize how crazy I am for trying to work a full time internship plus two other jobs at the club!!! I am so busy my head is starting to spin! Good thing I like crazy rollercoaster rides because I’m pretty sure that’s my life right now 😉

So anyway, it’s time to catch you up on my crazy week! Thursday was my 23 BIRTHDAY!!!! Woohoo Go me for managing to stay alive for 23 whole years! That is quite an accomplishment! So for my birthday my hubby managed to somehow get the day off (unheard of….) and my awesome supervisor at my internship let me have the day off so I could have a whole day full of birthday fun! We started off by going to breakfast at Bob Evans! *WARNING: This was NOT a healthy eating day! But it was my birthday, so I am totally ok with it! 

I got this AMAZING omelette for my breakfast, man was it good! Look at the cheese on those taters….oooh boy! I also got a special fancy pants coffee drink, was i’m sure it terrible for me but was sooo good and who cares anyway because DUH it was my birthday!!!

After breakfast my hubby surprised me with ICE SKATING!!! I love to Ice skate and especially like to imagine myself an ice diva who can do all the fancy twists and jumps but of course in reality I’m just happy when I don’t fall!

Of course you know who did fall?……

Yeah, it was that handsome fellow on the right!! His poor tail bone was not happy with him! The funny thing is we went ice skating for one of our first dates and he fell then too! Although back then I was still naive enough to hold his hand so I ended up going down with him! This time I was smarter and kept my distance 😉

After our ice skating adventure we went and saw Snow White and the Hunstman! Ok so it got pretty bad reviews, but I wanted to see it anyway so I didn’t really care! I have to say it wasn’t bad! I actually thought it was decent, but then again I’m pretty easy to please! I think the fact that I got to stuff my face with popcorn and twizzlers didn’t hurt either!! Hey, remember no judging…it’s my birthday!

After the movie I actually had to go into work to teach a boot camp!! I know…it’s not right to work on your birthday, but don’t worry I made it work out to my advantage! My poor girls were such troopers, I made them do a “23” themed workout. We did 23 reps of each exercise, and there were 10 different exercises, making it a total of 230 reps. I’m so clever….then I made those sweet girls do the whole thing 3 times through! However the joke was really on me because I ended up doing the workout with them to keep them motivated. I was definitely cursing myself a little bit by the end! *Note to self: Do NOT consume large amounts of popcorn before doing an insane workout…..the end result was my tummy being pretty mad at me!

“23” Workout:

23 reps of Walking Lunges

23 High knees

23 Push Ups

23 Shuffles

23 Toe Touch Abs

23 Jumping Jacks

23 Reptile Planks

23 Bear Crawls

23 Frog Jumps

23 sec suicide sprints

Perform each exercise back to back with no rest in between. Repeat two more times, resting for 1-2 minutes in between circuits!

After kicking all of our butts it was time to meet up with my family and some friends for my birthday dinner!!!

Look at all these beautiful people who came to celebrate my birthday!!!! 🙂

Naturally I picked a mexican restaurant because in case you didn’t know, I have an unhealthy obsession with mexican food! Good thing I married a man whose Dad comes from a Mexican family , don’t tell but that fact was a definite factor in me saying “I do” Just kidding sweetie!! 😉

Of course I had to get my FAVORITE mexican dish, Chicken Chimichangas! OOh so good….deep fried and slathered in yummy sauce! The sad thing was my stomach was still feeling a little queasy from the mix of eating junk and doing an intense boot camp so I didn’t end up eating very much of this! 😦 But the little bit that I did eat was AMAZING!

Nice pic mom…..way to capture the true essence of how much I love my chips and salsa….(which is a WHOLE lot) But I promise I’m not as fat as I seem….I don’t normally eat like this….NO JUDGING! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

After dinner we went back to my mom’s house to have some COOKIE CAKE!!! Ooh yeah….that’s right people! A GIANT chocolate chip cookie with FROSTING….and if you haven’t had one of these for your birthday, you officially live in a cave and need to go eat one right now….no joke.

So I was super excited about my cookie cake, but then….I saw it……and I was a little bummed…..

Notice how they ghetto style wrote my name in? And it’s like 12 different colors and designs? Yeah so it kind of looks like I got the cake that someone was practicing on….actually I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I would like to inform the person that they need some MORE practice! Now in my mom’s defense when she called to order my cookie cake they said the cake decorator wasn’t there….hence this new person who decorated this being on the struggle bus….:-( I wouldn’t even mind the lame decorations if there were enough frosting…but this is SO not the correct ratio of frosting to cookie…..I need to be able to spread the frosting in a thin layer over the whole cookie. I don’t want gobs here, I just want enough to get a taste of frosting with each bite of cookie, is that too much to ask?

The answer, apparently, is yes. That is far too much to ask.

Yes, that is my SAY WHAAAA?! Face…..and it was totally called for here!

Nevertheless the cookie itself was pretty yummy and honestly my stomach didn’t want me to eat much of that stuff anyway so it all worked out….

So that was my birthday!!!!! I have to say it was a pretty awesome 23 birthday and I can’t wait to see what this year has to bring for me! I have a feeling there are a lot of big changes and exciting experiences in store!

Questions For You:

What’s your favorite birthday dessert?

Do you prefer a lot of frosting, a little, or none?

What’s your favorite mexican dish?


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