Confessions of a stressed out redhead

Well friends, I have a confession to make.

I have disappointed you all. I have done something terrible. I deserve to be shunned.

What could it be you ask? I’ll tell you….

I haven’t been running lately. AT ALL. I haven’t run in 3 whole days now. It’s ludicrous. Unheard of. I must be sick. No, not just sick, on my deathbed! I must be out of my mind. To not run, to not even try to run. It’s just crazy. But let me explain…

As you know I’ve been training for an upcoming half and full marathon lately. I’ve finally overcome my injury and been savoring every moment of being able to finally run again. I have been talking non stop about running. Eating, breathing, living it with every fiber of my being. And it’s been wonderful. Except….now I have all these new things happening. I am training lots of clients and teaching  boot camps and I LOVE IT. But….I am not superwoman.GASP….yes I know, I had you all fooled. I think I had myself fooled too. But the truth is I am doing A LOT right now. And I am exhausted. I have almost every minute of my day scheduled out and I am sitting here wondering why there can’t be a few more hours in the day.

My house is a horrific mess. Laundry is piling up, dishes are turning into a science experiment in the sink…it’s terrible. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a messy house. To me a messy house=a messy life. It’s strange but my stress level is pretty much linked to the cleanliness of my house. So messy out of control house= stressed to the max wanting to pull my hair out Jenna.

I am also sacrificing time with friends and family to try to fit my runs in. This isn’t okay. For some people it might be. But I’m not okay with that. I also feel like running is becoming a chore that I DREAD. I am too exhausted to wake up early (which would have to be like 4:00 am) and run so I put it off until the evening. But by then I am physically and mentally worn out from the day and I can’t find it in me to go pound out those miles. I don’t want running to be linked with these negative feelings….that is just not good.

The bottom line is…..I just don’t have time for running right now. Part of me is very sad at this realization. And that part of me wants to try to fight and convince me that I can make it work. But the logical part of me(yes I have one of those) is telling me I can’t do this. It’s just too much. I am going to burn myself out and cause way too much stress for myself.

It doesn’t mean I can’t run at all. That is like telling the sun not to shine. I need to run. It keeps me sane. But I think trying to have these set races I have to prepare for and forcing myself to run a set amount of miles per week on certain days is just not feasible.

So that’s my confession. I think….for now….I need to take it easy with my running and focus my time and energy on the MILLION other things I have committed to. This doesn’t mean I wont work out…HAHA that’s FUNNY! I will workout! It just means I will be incorporating shorter workouts such as HIIT circuits and what not so I can get more bang for my buck and manage my time wisely. I will still run some, but only when I feel like it and for however long I decide I want to. End of story.

*Disclaimer: I of course have the right to change my mind on any of this at any time….DUH!




One thought on “Confessions of a stressed out redhead

  1. I know how you feel Jenna. I haven’t been running lately either. With the selling of the house, packing, moving, buying a new house, unpacking, and all the other stuff that comes along with that, I am too tired to fit in a work out or a run. I feel like lifting all those boxes and going up and down the stairs is my guess it’s ok. I get a good sweat going. But, I think you are doing the right thing. Family and friends are more important and your time will come for more just might be when your’e my

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