WIAW fail, bootcamp workout and birthday shopping!

Well hello there friends! How’s your week going? Mine has been CAAARRRAAZYYYY! Sorry for no post yesterday, my day was jam-packed from the moment I opened my eyeballs to the second I fell asleep before my head was even on the pillow! Don’t you wish I had a picture of that?! So let me fill you in on the last few days of craziness!

Tuesday Recap:

Yesterday my morning started at 4 am!! This time should only be for sleeping…it’s just wrong to be up and functioning when it’s still dark outside! Alas, I had to be up so that I could shadow a personal trainer who had a client at 5 am (crazy peeps) so I forced my butt out of bed, made myself a veggie scramble and jumped in the car to drive to the gym. I shadowed two back to back training sessions, and then headed to my internship.

During my lunch break I squeezed in a 3 mile tempo run and man it was another HOT one! Speaking of sweating buckets…does anyone else have sweat that smells like ammonia? No? Just me? hmm….too bad I was really hoping I wasn’t a total weirdo…oh wait…

After my run I scarfed down some chicken breast cooked in the crock pot (best way to cook chicken btw) with some roasted veggies…always yummy! Oh and some salsa thrown in because apparently I’m feeling extra spicy lately 😉


When I got off work I headed back over to the club to teach my FIRST SOLO Boot Camp Class!!!! Oh man was I nervous/excited! It was hard to plan a class when I didn’t know the ability levels/ interests of the members participating so I played it safe by doing a body weight circuit. It ended up going really well and I think they all got a good workout!

Here’s what the circuit looked like:

50 seconds on/ 10 second rest; 6 exercise; 3 Rounds; 2 minute rest in-between each round

1. Jump Lunges

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Crab Toe Touches

4. Jump Squats

5. TRX Reverse Pull Ups

6. Reptile Planks

After they completed all three rounds I took them upstairs and we did 10 minutes of Jump Rope Interval Training. It looked like this:

20 seconds on/ 10 second rest; 40 rounds *Try to change up the style every round to keep it exciting!

So that was the boot camp workout and it was pretty awesome! I am definitely LOVING personal training/ group training so far and can’t wait to really get into it!


So today I thankfully didn’t have to get up early and go to the gym, although I still had to be at work by 7…and my internship was pretty boring today…I am positive I actually fell asleep standing up at one point. Yeah….it’s possible…cause I totes did it! Maybe I should try to catch up on some sleep? Haha yeah right….maybe in a few months or something…..

WIAW: Failure Addition

So I am supposed to put up everything I ate for you today in honor of what I ate wednesday….however I am lame sauce and forgot to take pictures of everything..so I will just tell you what I ate and you can picture it in your pretty little heads mmmmkk?

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Eggo with peanut butter and some fresh strawberries ontop

Snack #1: Carrots and Celery with Hummus

Lunch: Ezekial bread with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, light miracle whip and honey mustard + an apple

Snack #2: Chobani Raspberry fat free greek yogurt

Dinner: Chicken Pad Thai

So that was my wednesday!!!! Dinner wasn’t what I had planned, but sometimes that stuff happens!

So after dinner I got to go birthday shopping with my amazing BFF/Mom!!! My birthday is actually tomorrow, and yes it’s ok if you want to get me gifts, just make it running or chocolate related please and thank you!!

We had such an awesome time shopping and gossiping and just being girls!! I got some super cute clothes for summer as well as some really comfortable lounge clothes from victoria’s secret!! 🙂


Here’s a super cute outfit I got at american eagle! I might wear this for my birthday dinner tomorrow!!

Finally after our girl’s shopping trip I came home and got on my treadmill to beat out a 5 mile run. However, about a mile and a half into it I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. :-/ As much as I love running there are still days when i’m just not feeling it for one reason or another. Today was one of those days! So instead of trying to force myself to push through a miserable run I decided to do some circuit training and work on those biceps!! I did 20 minutes of 30 sec work/ 10 sec rest with mostly bodyweight exercises, and a few sandbag exercises. It was an awesome sweaty workout!


You might not be able to tell but there is definitely sweat dripping off of my nose in this picture…oooh yeah!


I’ve got your tickets to the gun show right here!!! Ha! Yeah they are definitely still a work in progress and not at all where I want them to be/ where they’ve been in the past but I WILL get there!!!

Well that’s it for me tonight because it is getting really late and my eyes are refusing to stay open…plus I need to get my beauty sleep because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY and my hubby and I have a whole day planned together followed by a dinner with some friends and family! Oh and I also have another boot camp to teach! BUSY DAY! I will fill you all in tomorrow!

Questions for you:

Have you every done circuit training?

What’s your favorite body part to work?

What did you eat today?


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