Becoming a Human Punching Bag

Hello friends! How was everyone’s Monday? Mine was a little bit crazy, but what else is new? I started the day off right with some yummy oatmeal with berries and a scoop of peanut butter…YUMO!


This was seriously good…it’s funny how sometimes I’m kind of eh about oatmeal and then other days I am in LOVE! I guess that’s a typical woman for you, always changing her mind 😉

When I jumped out of bed this morning, I had something very upsetting happen. I went to walk and realized my knee was in some serious pain. I had frantic visions of my IT band injury coming back full force and my marathon dreams going out the window, but before you all get too upset for me, don’t fret! It turns out my knees were just a bit mad at me from the long run yesterday and after some serious stretching, foam rolling and some ultrasound therapy, it was feeling good as new!


One of the BIG perks to doing my internship in a rehab office is definitely the use of all the equipment! I think my knees are going to be very sad when I am not working there anymore…I guess that’s just EVEN MORE motivation for me to continue to work towards getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy right?

Lunch today was a big old salad with lots of veggies and some protein. I love me some salad, yes I’m a rabbit.


I also had this super simple but crazy good snack this afternoon I thought I should share with you all! It was just some turkey lunch meat + some frozen broccoli and peppers+ mango salsa= A-MAZING! I couldn’t believe how good it was, and filling too!


After work I headed to the club to teach my STRONG class!! This week we changed it up with a dumbbell routine. It was SOOO good. I was pouring sweat and my class did such an amazing job! We even did an insane amount of push ups but they stuck it out even though I’m sure they were cursing my name in their heads..:-)


After strong class I got to shadow a boot camp class, which I am going to start teaching a few days a week as a personal trainer. There are usually between 4-7 people in the class and it’s an hour long session of torture! Muwahaha (that’s my evil laugh…obviously…) I can’t wait to have a class of my own!

So I thought I would just be watching the class, little did I know I would end up being a HUMAN PUNCHING BAG! Yeah…I definitely got conned into that one! The boot camp was boxing themed tonight so the instructor had me hold a giant punching target and the girls all kicked and punched at me as hard as they could.


Yeah…that’s what I was holding while I got kicked and punched at. Fun right? I really didn’t mind especially since the girls were working so hard and getting such a good work out in. As a trainer I am learning you have to fill many different roles, and sometimes one of those may be a punching bag! I didn’t notice until later but when I looked at my arms afterwards I realized they were all bruised from where I had my arm through the strap to hold the bag.


Yeah….that’s some intense stuff right there!

So I have been working hard on eating clean and I am already noticing a difference both physically and mentally! I still really want to post my meal plan for you guys, but getting the tar kicked/punched out of me  today has worn me out, so maybe I will get it up tomorrow!!! I PROMISE I will put it up soon!

Have a good night!!

Questions for you:

Are there any foods you have a love/hate relationship with?

Have you ever had physical therapy? If so, what for?

Have you ever taken a kickboxing class? What did you think of it?


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