Chill out, I got a tattoo and 5 HOT miles

Yesterday morning started off with my 3:30 am wake up call to work my opening shift at the good old Four Seasons Fitness Club. I actually worked a double so I was there until 3:00pm, but since I was doing a Manager on Duty shift, nothing eventful happened. Although I was pretty excited when it was finally time to leave and probably looked something like this…


After my shifts at work I jumped on to the constitution trail and ran my 5 mile pace run. I got to use my beautiful new running flats, the mizuno wave precision 12’s.


Not only do these babies look awesome, they feel amazing! They make you feel super light and quick on your feet, which is not a feeling i have often…;-) I will say I was a little worried at first because I usually run in shoes with TONS of support and cushioning, which these have neither of, but I am definitely jumping on the minimalist shoes bandwagon after running in these lovelies!

All day at work I had been hearing about how ridiculously hot it was outside, so naturally I decided to remind everyone how crazy I was and tried to run my 5 miles FAST, like Kenyan version of myself fast. This worked out for the first few miles, but then the heat really started to hit me and I had to slow it down a little. I still ended up running an 8 minute mile pac, which I felt pretty good about considering the heat outside and my serious sleep deprivation. It must have been those magic shoes…

After my run I had plans to meet up with my mom and some friends to go get some froyo in downtown normal. We decided to go to this place called Chill Out, which my friend had been raving about. Since I am never one to turn down a sweet treat, I was of course more than willing to test it out! They had about 6 different flavors of frozen yogurt that they rotate and a bajillion different toppings! I was in froyo heaven!


Besides having clearly read my diary and therefore knowing my heart’s desires, this place is also neat because the froyo is super healthy! They even post a sign with all of the nutritional info on the wall!


When you get to the register you put your awesome froyo creation on a scale and they charge you by weight. Since I went a *little* crazy with my toppings, mine was pretty heavy, but it was still only about $5, and it was definitely worth every penny. They also have a deal where they will give you 10% off if you put a chill out stamp on your forehead. Crazy right? Well….maybe for some people but my friends and I decided it was worth the 10%


So now comes the time where I tell you guys I have a BIG secret that I have been keeping from you for this whole blog post and I beg for your forgiveness… 🙂 So the things is, the real reason we all went downtown was so that I could go get a TATTOO! Yes, that’s right, after 5 years of thinking about it and second guessing myself, I finally decided to just do it! (Thanks Nike…) So originally we had planned to go to a place in downtown normal and then go to chill out afterwards. However, when we arrived at said tattoo parlor, we found it was mysteriously closed. 😦 So then I called a few other places and finally found one that could get me in, but not for another hour which is why we then decided to make the froyo run.

To make a long story short(er), we went to the place that had agreed to work me in and after some debating and input from my mom and friends, I decided I wasn’t really feeling this place with it’s weird smells and rude people, so we headed to downtown bloomington in hopes of finding a tattoo place there. Apparently there was some big jazz festival going on so the place was a madhouse, and pretty much all the stores were closed down. So we decided to forget it and just was we were driving out of downtown we spotted this awesome looking tattoo shop, Smokin Aces, and they seemed to be OPEN!


So we ended up going in there and talking with the really cool people there, and before you know it I was getting my tattoo!! *WARNING: Friends and family that I haven’t told, please don’t have a heart attack, and forgive me for not telling you!!


So there it is!! I am very happy with the results and the actual process HURT LIKE CRAZY only hurt a little bit. If you have questions about why I chose this specific tattoo or the things you need to consider before getting a tattoo, you can email me at or leave a comment on this post!!

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite flavor of Froyo?

What’s the hottest temperature you’ve ever run in?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what?


3 thoughts on “Chill out, I got a tattoo and 5 HOT miles

  1. I LOVE the precisions!! They actually feel super cushiony to me, compared to other minimal shoes, they are a great step down working towards the minimal running, and a great everyday trainer. Love the new tattoo:) I just told my hubs I’m going to get my first when I hit my big time marathon goal. I don’t know what it will be yet, but it’s gonna be good!

  2. It’s good to here you like those shoes too!! How did the hubby take it when you told him you wanted a tattoo?? I think it’s a great idea!!

  3. WHATT- best day ever! 1) I love those shoes and mizuno’s rock! 2) chill out is sooo yummmy, I do liek the coconut but some berry one too 3) I am definately more considering getttin my tattoo more recently and am more excited now- I do like yours!

    PS- I am avoiding writing my weekly report and am oddly enjoyin this blog haha

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