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Confessions of a stressed out redhead

Well friends, I have a confession to make.

I have disappointed you all. I have done something terrible. I deserve to be shunned.

What could it be you ask? I’ll tell you….

I haven’t been running lately. AT ALL. I haven’t run in 3 whole days now. It’s ludicrous. Unheard of. I must be sick. No, not just sick, on my deathbed! I must be out of my mind. To not run, to not even try to run. It’s just crazy. But let me explain…

As you know I’ve been training for an upcoming half and full marathon lately. I’ve finally overcome my injury and been savoring every moment of being able to finally run again. I have been talking non stop about running. Eating, breathing, living it with every fiber of my being. And it’s been wonderful. Except….now I have all these new things happening. I am training lots of clients and teaching  boot camps and I LOVE IT. But….I am not superwoman.GASP….yes I know, I had you all fooled. I think I had myself fooled too. But the truth is I am doing A LOT right now. And I am exhausted. I have almost every minute of my day scheduled out and I am sitting here wondering why there can’t be a few more hours in the day.

My house is a horrific mess. Laundry is piling up, dishes are turning into a science experiment in the sink…it’s terrible. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a messy house. To me a messy house=a messy life. It’s strange but my stress level is pretty much linked to the cleanliness of my house. So messy out of control house= stressed to the max wanting to pull my hair out Jenna.

I am also sacrificing time with friends and family to try to fit my runs in. This isn’t okay. For some people it might be. But I’m not okay with that. I also feel like running is becoming a chore that I DREAD. I am too exhausted to wake up early (which would have to be like 4:00 am) and run so I put it off until the evening. But by then I am physically and mentally worn out from the day and I can’t find it in me to go pound out those miles. I don’t want running to be linked with these negative feelings….that is just not good.

The bottom line is…..I just don’t have time for running right now. Part of me is very sad at this realization. And that part of me wants to try to fight and convince me that I can make it work. But the logical part of me(yes I have one of those) is telling me I can’t do this. It’s just too much. I am going to burn myself out and cause way too much stress for myself.

It doesn’t mean I can’t run at all. That is like telling the sun not to shine. I need to run. It keeps me sane. But I think trying to have these set races I have to prepare for and forcing myself to run a set amount of miles per week on certain days is just not feasible.

So that’s my confession. I think….for now….I need to take it easy with my running and focus my time and energy on the MILLION other things I have committed to. This doesn’t mean I wont work out…HAHA that’s FUNNY! I will workout! It just means I will be incorporating shorter workouts such as HIIT circuits and what not so I can get more bang for my buck and manage my time wisely. I will still run some, but only when I feel like it and for however long I decide I want to. End of story.

*Disclaimer: I of course have the right to change my mind on any of this at any time….DUH!




Happy Birthday To Me!

So sorry for not posting friends! I am starting to realize how crazy I am for trying to work a full time internship plus two other jobs at the club!!! I am so busy my head is starting to spin! Good thing I like crazy rollercoaster rides because I’m pretty sure that’s my life right now 😉

So anyway, it’s time to catch you up on my crazy week! Thursday was my 23 BIRTHDAY!!!! Woohoo Go me for managing to stay alive for 23 whole years! That is quite an accomplishment! So for my birthday my hubby managed to somehow get the day off (unheard of….) and my awesome supervisor at my internship let me have the day off so I could have a whole day full of birthday fun! We started off by going to breakfast at Bob Evans! *WARNING: This was NOT a healthy eating day! But it was my birthday, so I am totally ok with it! 

I got this AMAZING omelette for my breakfast, man was it good! Look at the cheese on those taters….oooh boy! I also got a special fancy pants coffee drink, was i’m sure it terrible for me but was sooo good and who cares anyway because DUH it was my birthday!!!

After breakfast my hubby surprised me with ICE SKATING!!! I love to Ice skate and especially like to imagine myself an ice diva who can do all the fancy twists and jumps but of course in reality I’m just happy when I don’t fall!

Of course you know who did fall?……

Yeah, it was that handsome fellow on the right!! His poor tail bone was not happy with him! The funny thing is we went ice skating for one of our first dates and he fell then too! Although back then I was still naive enough to hold his hand so I ended up going down with him! This time I was smarter and kept my distance 😉

After our ice skating adventure we went and saw Snow White and the Hunstman! Ok so it got pretty bad reviews, but I wanted to see it anyway so I didn’t really care! I have to say it wasn’t bad! I actually thought it was decent, but then again I’m pretty easy to please! I think the fact that I got to stuff my face with popcorn and twizzlers didn’t hurt either!! Hey, remember no judging…it’s my birthday!

After the movie I actually had to go into work to teach a boot camp!! I know…it’s not right to work on your birthday, but don’t worry I made it work out to my advantage! My poor girls were such troopers, I made them do a “23” themed workout. We did 23 reps of each exercise, and there were 10 different exercises, making it a total of 230 reps. I’m so clever….then I made those sweet girls do the whole thing 3 times through! However the joke was really on me because I ended up doing the workout with them to keep them motivated. I was definitely cursing myself a little bit by the end! *Note to self: Do NOT consume large amounts of popcorn before doing an insane workout…..the end result was my tummy being pretty mad at me!

“23” Workout:

23 reps of Walking Lunges

23 High knees

23 Push Ups

23 Shuffles

23 Toe Touch Abs

23 Jumping Jacks

23 Reptile Planks

23 Bear Crawls

23 Frog Jumps

23 sec suicide sprints

Perform each exercise back to back with no rest in between. Repeat two more times, resting for 1-2 minutes in between circuits!

After kicking all of our butts it was time to meet up with my family and some friends for my birthday dinner!!!

Look at all these beautiful people who came to celebrate my birthday!!!! 🙂

Naturally I picked a mexican restaurant because in case you didn’t know, I have an unhealthy obsession with mexican food! Good thing I married a man whose Dad comes from a Mexican family , don’t tell but that fact was a definite factor in me saying “I do” Just kidding sweetie!! 😉

Of course I had to get my FAVORITE mexican dish, Chicken Chimichangas! OOh so good….deep fried and slathered in yummy sauce! The sad thing was my stomach was still feeling a little queasy from the mix of eating junk and doing an intense boot camp so I didn’t end up eating very much of this! 😦 But the little bit that I did eat was AMAZING!

Nice pic mom…..way to capture the true essence of how much I love my chips and salsa….(which is a WHOLE lot) But I promise I’m not as fat as I seem….I don’t normally eat like this….NO JUDGING! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

After dinner we went back to my mom’s house to have some COOKIE CAKE!!! Ooh yeah….that’s right people! A GIANT chocolate chip cookie with FROSTING….and if you haven’t had one of these for your birthday, you officially live in a cave and need to go eat one right now….no joke.

So I was super excited about my cookie cake, but then….I saw it……and I was a little bummed…..

Notice how they ghetto style wrote my name in? And it’s like 12 different colors and designs? Yeah so it kind of looks like I got the cake that someone was practicing on….actually I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I would like to inform the person that they need some MORE practice! Now in my mom’s defense when she called to order my cookie cake they said the cake decorator wasn’t there….hence this new person who decorated this being on the struggle bus….:-( I wouldn’t even mind the lame decorations if there were enough frosting…but this is SO not the correct ratio of frosting to cookie…..I need to be able to spread the frosting in a thin layer over the whole cookie. I don’t want gobs here, I just want enough to get a taste of frosting with each bite of cookie, is that too much to ask?

The answer, apparently, is yes. That is far too much to ask.

Yes, that is my SAY WHAAAA?! Face…..and it was totally called for here!

Nevertheless the cookie itself was pretty yummy and honestly my stomach didn’t want me to eat much of that stuff anyway so it all worked out….

So that was my birthday!!!!! I have to say it was a pretty awesome 23 birthday and I can’t wait to see what this year has to bring for me! I have a feeling there are a lot of big changes and exciting experiences in store!

Questions For You:

What’s your favorite birthday dessert?

Do you prefer a lot of frosting, a little, or none?

What’s your favorite mexican dish?

WIAW fail, bootcamp workout and birthday shopping!

Well hello there friends! How’s your week going? Mine has been CAAARRRAAZYYYY! Sorry for no post yesterday, my day was jam-packed from the moment I opened my eyeballs to the second I fell asleep before my head was even on the pillow! Don’t you wish I had a picture of that?! So let me fill you in on the last few days of craziness!

Tuesday Recap:

Yesterday my morning started at 4 am!! This time should only be for sleeping…it’s just wrong to be up and functioning when it’s still dark outside! Alas, I had to be up so that I could shadow a personal trainer who had a client at 5 am (crazy peeps) so I forced my butt out of bed, made myself a veggie scramble and jumped in the car to drive to the gym. I shadowed two back to back training sessions, and then headed to my internship.

During my lunch break I squeezed in a 3 mile tempo run and man it was another HOT one! Speaking of sweating buckets…does anyone else have sweat that smells like ammonia? No? Just me? hmm….too bad I was really hoping I wasn’t a total weirdo…oh wait…

After my run I scarfed down some chicken breast cooked in the crock pot (best way to cook chicken btw) with some roasted veggies…always yummy! Oh and some salsa thrown in because apparently I’m feeling extra spicy lately 😉


When I got off work I headed back over to the club to teach my FIRST SOLO Boot Camp Class!!!! Oh man was I nervous/excited! It was hard to plan a class when I didn’t know the ability levels/ interests of the members participating so I played it safe by doing a body weight circuit. It ended up going really well and I think they all got a good workout!

Here’s what the circuit looked like:

50 seconds on/ 10 second rest; 6 exercise; 3 Rounds; 2 minute rest in-between each round

1. Jump Lunges

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Crab Toe Touches

4. Jump Squats

5. TRX Reverse Pull Ups

6. Reptile Planks

After they completed all three rounds I took them upstairs and we did 10 minutes of Jump Rope Interval Training. It looked like this:

20 seconds on/ 10 second rest; 40 rounds *Try to change up the style every round to keep it exciting!

So that was the boot camp workout and it was pretty awesome! I am definitely LOVING personal training/ group training so far and can’t wait to really get into it!


So today I thankfully didn’t have to get up early and go to the gym, although I still had to be at work by 7…and my internship was pretty boring today…I am positive I actually fell asleep standing up at one point. Yeah….it’s possible…cause I totes did it! Maybe I should try to catch up on some sleep? Haha yeah right….maybe in a few months or something…..

WIAW: Failure Addition

So I am supposed to put up everything I ate for you today in honor of what I ate wednesday….however I am lame sauce and forgot to take pictures of I will just tell you what I ate and you can picture it in your pretty little heads mmmmkk?

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Eggo with peanut butter and some fresh strawberries ontop

Snack #1: Carrots and Celery with Hummus

Lunch: Ezekial bread with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, light miracle whip and honey mustard + an apple

Snack #2: Chobani Raspberry fat free greek yogurt

Dinner: Chicken Pad Thai

So that was my wednesday!!!! Dinner wasn’t what I had planned, but sometimes that stuff happens!

So after dinner I got to go birthday shopping with my amazing BFF/Mom!!! My birthday is actually tomorrow, and yes it’s ok if you want to get me gifts, just make it running or chocolate related please and thank you!!

We had such an awesome time shopping and gossiping and just being girls!! I got some super cute clothes for summer as well as some really comfortable lounge clothes from victoria’s secret!! 🙂


Here’s a super cute outfit I got at american eagle! I might wear this for my birthday dinner tomorrow!!

Finally after our girl’s shopping trip I came home and got on my treadmill to beat out a 5 mile run. However, about a mile and a half into it I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. :-/ As much as I love running there are still days when i’m just not feeling it for one reason or another. Today was one of those days! So instead of trying to force myself to push through a miserable run I decided to do some circuit training and work on those biceps!! I did 20 minutes of 30 sec work/ 10 sec rest with mostly bodyweight exercises, and a few sandbag exercises. It was an awesome sweaty workout!


You might not be able to tell but there is definitely sweat dripping off of my nose in this picture…oooh yeah!


I’ve got your tickets to the gun show right here!!! Ha! Yeah they are definitely still a work in progress and not at all where I want them to be/ where they’ve been in the past but I WILL get there!!!

Well that’s it for me tonight because it is getting really late and my eyes are refusing to stay open…plus I need to get my beauty sleep because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY and my hubby and I have a whole day planned together followed by a dinner with some friends and family! Oh and I also have another boot camp to teach! BUSY DAY! I will fill you all in tomorrow!

Questions for you:

Have you every done circuit training?

What’s your favorite body part to work?

What did you eat today?

Becoming a Human Punching Bag

Hello friends! How was everyone’s Monday? Mine was a little bit crazy, but what else is new? I started the day off right with some yummy oatmeal with berries and a scoop of peanut butter…YUMO!


This was seriously good…it’s funny how sometimes I’m kind of eh about oatmeal and then other days I am in LOVE! I guess that’s a typical woman for you, always changing her mind 😉

When I jumped out of bed this morning, I had something very upsetting happen. I went to walk and realized my knee was in some serious pain. I had frantic visions of my IT band injury coming back full force and my marathon dreams going out the window, but before you all get too upset for me, don’t fret! It turns out my knees were just a bit mad at me from the long run yesterday and after some serious stretching, foam rolling and some ultrasound therapy, it was feeling good as new!


One of the BIG perks to doing my internship in a rehab office is definitely the use of all the equipment! I think my knees are going to be very sad when I am not working there anymore…I guess that’s just EVEN MORE motivation for me to continue to work towards getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy right?

Lunch today was a big old salad with lots of veggies and some protein. I love me some salad, yes I’m a rabbit.


I also had this super simple but crazy good snack this afternoon I thought I should share with you all! It was just some turkey lunch meat + some frozen broccoli and peppers+ mango salsa= A-MAZING! I couldn’t believe how good it was, and filling too!


After work I headed to the club to teach my STRONG class!! This week we changed it up with a dumbbell routine. It was SOOO good. I was pouring sweat and my class did such an amazing job! We even did an insane amount of push ups but they stuck it out even though I’m sure they were cursing my name in their heads..:-)


After strong class I got to shadow a boot camp class, which I am going to start teaching a few days a week as a personal trainer. There are usually between 4-7 people in the class and it’s an hour long session of torture! Muwahaha (that’s my evil laugh…obviously…) I can’t wait to have a class of my own!

So I thought I would just be watching the class, little did I know I would end up being a HUMAN PUNCHING BAG! Yeah…I definitely got conned into that one! The boot camp was boxing themed tonight so the instructor had me hold a giant punching target and the girls all kicked and punched at me as hard as they could.


Yeah…that’s what I was holding while I got kicked and punched at. Fun right? I really didn’t mind especially since the girls were working so hard and getting such a good work out in. As a trainer I am learning you have to fill many different roles, and sometimes one of those may be a punching bag! I didn’t notice until later but when I looked at my arms afterwards I realized they were all bruised from where I had my arm through the strap to hold the bag.


Yeah….that’s some intense stuff right there!

So I have been working hard on eating clean and I am already noticing a difference both physically and mentally! I still really want to post my meal plan for you guys, but getting the tar kicked/punched out of me  today has worn me out, so maybe I will get it up tomorrow!!! I PROMISE I will put it up soon!

Have a good night!!

Questions for you:

Are there any foods you have a love/hate relationship with?

Have you ever had physical therapy? If so, what for?

Have you ever taken a kickboxing class? What did you think of it?

French Tips and Hydration Belts

Happy Sunday Funday! And Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dad’s out there!!! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!

My Sunday started out with my normal shift at the gym with my favorite Foreigner! Things got a little interesting when I ended up having to teach a strong class at the last-minute but hey, it’s extra practice right? Things got even more interesting when the heat decided to kick on in the group fitness room…I’ve heard of hot yoga, but hot strong class? No thanks!!!

After work my friend “The Foreigner” and I decided to do something I never thought I’d do…that’s right friends, brace yourselves….we decided to take a ZUMBA class! Say wha????? Yeah I know…I was surprised to. In case you don’t know me yet, I pretty much despise Zumba. Please don’t hate me for saying that Zumba worshippers! Now they will probably show up at my house tonight and shimmy until my house falls down 😉

The thing is it’s not that I have anything against Zumba really, I just don’t like it personally. For one thing I’m soo not coordinated enough for it and for another while I will admit I had a fun time, I just didn’t feel like I got much of a workout. But then again I know plenty of people who think I’m crazy for WANTING to run and run until my toenails fall off….(that hasn’t actually happened yet), so I guess to each his own! Honestly I’m an advocate for whatever gets you up off the couch and being active, no matter what kind of physical activity that is!

So after the crazy Zumba experience we decided to go and get our nails done!! I was very excited about this because I haven’t had them done in forever and they always look soooo nice afterwards! Plus I just love to be pampered (what girl doesn’t right?)


I went with the traditional french tip look because I think it always looks classy and it goes with everything! The Foreigner was a little more adventurous and picked a more wild color!

Next on the agenda was GROCERY SHOPPING!!! Now some of you may not know this but I am OBSESSED with grocery shopping….like seriously…I love it…There is something about getting to fill up my fridge and pantry with all the things I love that is just so wonderful! I hate when I am close to being out of everything and  am trying to make a meal out of slim jim’s and pop tarts (CAN ANYONE GUESS WHAT SHOW THIS IS FROM? I WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!) So lately I’ve been slacking off a little on the healthy eating front and today I decided to get back on the wagon and really crack down on clean eating. SO today’s grocery cart consisted of OODLES of fruits and veggies and lean proteins! YUM! I am planning to post my eating plan this week so you can follow along with me if you want!


This was what my fridge looked like after I somehow stuffed everything in there….I really think a second fridge might me necessary….Look at all those healthy greens!!! I can’t wait to get my food prep done and have all my healthy meals planned out for the week!

After the groceries were all put away it was time for my LOOOONG run. On today’s agenda was a nice easy 9 miles. I decided to just run from my house today, because I was feeling lazy and also needed a change in scenery. Since there are no water fountains along this route, I finally got to use my HYDRATION BELT that I bought LAST september at the chicago half marathon expo. At the time I had visions of using it to train for my marathon, which didn’t happen because of my lame IT band injury….:-( So it has literally been sitting in my closet mocking me for months! How rude…BUT tonight it finally made its debut as my new running accessory! What do you think? (My husband said it made him feel like less of a nerd to see me wearing it…HA!) I don’t know what in the world he’s talking about? It’s super fashionable!


I will say I normally don’t like to run with much, I like to feel light and free, and I was a bit worried that the belt would restrict me and make me feel heavy. But I am happy to report it wasn’t bad at all, after a while I barely noticed it was there! It was definitely nice to have a place to put my water so I didn’t have to carry a sloshing water bottle in my hand the whole time. Another bonus is it had a place for my phone which is nice because with these longer runs I’m still a little unsure about how my knee will react and I would hate to be stranded far from home with an injury!

Since I know you are just DYING to know how my run went I will end your anticipation and tell you…


It went great! I kept a nice 9 min/mile pace and had NO IT band pain!!! Booyah!!! I am definitely a happy girl!

After my run I stretched and iced like a smart girl and then refueled with a really strange food creation…Image

I would LOVE to hear what you all think this is….but I am going to tell you so because I’m too impatient to wait for your guesses! This beautiful dish is sweet corn from the cobb mixed with potato salad! Yeah….I know it’s really weird but what can I say? Long runs make me crave strange things! Believe it or not this hit the spot and now I am full and happy and ready for bed!!!

Questions for you:

Do you prefer to work out in the morning or at night?

What’s your favorite post-workout food?

Have you ever taken Zumba? What did you think of it?

Sleep deprived and Healthy Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Good morning! Well my Saturday started off with the usual 3:30 am wake up call to go open the club, and I gotta say I’m starting to question my sanity on that one. What was I thinking when I agreed to that shift? I’ll tell you what I was thinking….$$$ + what else have  I got to do that early?= Me working this shift and missing out on ZZZZZ’s…LAME-SAUCE! I kind of felt something like this…


So last night I got to go visit my friend and her beautiful new baby girl! I thought it would be nice to make them a healthy home cooked meal, since that’s something I know I can do! (When it comes to babies, you could say I’m a bit inexperienced….) I mean I think using duct tape to hold a babies diaper in place is perfectly acceptable….but for some reason others frown upon it! 🙂

For dinner  I decided to make a stuffed chicken recipe that I got from Oxygen Magazine. This recipe is really simple and healthy, but actually tastes good! (Cause let’s be honest folks, heathy food doesn’t always = tasty food).  The chicken is stuffed with a cottage cheese and skinny cow wedge mixture and it is soooo good. Seriously, my mouth is watering right now…To go along with the chicken I made some quinoa and asparagus with a honey mustard maple glaze drizzled on top. The glaze recipe is courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff, a great blog you should go check out….right now….after you finish reading this of course! I also threw together a mixed green salad with strawberries, blueberries, cherries, walnuts and some feta cheese. It was sooo good! I love salad in my fruit, and you should too! (Duh)

MMM delicious….and nutritious…;-)

On another note….I have added a training/workouts page to the blog where I will be keeping track of my daily workouts, upcoming races, and other fun stuff! So you should definitely check it out!

Today I’ve got a nice 5 mile run I plan to do when I get off work and then I’m gonna hang out with my friend and her beautiful baby again 🙂 I wonder what I should cook for us tonight….ideas?

Questions for you:

What’s the earliest you’ve had to get up for work?

What’s your favorite vegetable?

 What are your training goal(s) for the summer?

It’s Officially Official and a little on why I run

I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all! As of yesterday I am OFFICIALLY a Personal Trainer at the club! Now if you want to get all technical, I actually have been a trainer for like a week, but I finally got my uniform last night and helped teach my first boot camp class! It’s safe to say I am uber excited!!! 🙂

So If you live in the bloomington/normal IL area and want to get your butt kicked….let me know!! 😉

In other news….I ran a 5 mile pace run today, but I honestly felt like my feet were made of lead and it was pretty dang hot outside. As I was forcing one foot in front of the other and drowning in my own sweat, I started to think about why I run. I am planning to dedicate a whole post to this topic but for now I will just give you a snippet. I realized that there are so many amazing reasons why I run, and one of them was demonstrated during my torturous run yesterday.

When I run it is my alone time to just unwind and think. It is one of the few times I can get away from all the distractions of life and just clear my mind. That in and of itself is a great reason to run, but I digress….The point is when I am able to get to the place where I am not focused on my to-do list or worrying about the hassles of daily life, I can focus 100% on my workout. This is the place where I push myself harder than I ever have. Is it fun? Not always. Is it hard? DUH. Does it make me question my sanity? Well I do that on a daily basis anyway…Is it worth it? HECK YES.

So even though my run yesterday was HARD and there were definitely times I wanted to just stop in my tracks and lay down on the concrete, I didn’t give up. Although I want to try that sometime just to see the strange looks I get. I pushed through it and came out on the other side stronger than I was before. THAT’s what I love about running. It is always challenging you to be better, push harder, run faster and get stronger. And that feeling you get when you finish? Well friends….let’s just say there’s nothing like it and instead of trying to describe it to you I’m going to suggest you go out there and experience it for yourself. 🙂

Questions for you:

-Why do you love to run/swim/bike or do whatever it is you are passionate about doing?

-What do you tell yourself to keep from giving up?

I always remind myself how I will feel when I finish, and how much stronger I am making myself.